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Swiss Army Meter Version 5.1
Touch OSC Metering and Spectrum Analzyer Version
Chain Shaper - Audio Triggered Sidechain Utility Version 1.0
Fader Map Version
Volume Buddy Version 1.0
Shortcut Buddy - Insert Plugins via Key Command Version 1.0

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Please email for support on this! Please list Ableton version, OS version and any other details with present.

The curve drawn in will determine the release parameter! That is the benefit of the drawing it it and the different modes make it easier to fine tune. They allow for an easier ability to dial in how you want the ducking to release. Unless I'm not understanding!

In regards to the threshold slider, do you mean physical length on the screen? One way to fine tune is to hold shift and drag, but I agree! I will implement that into the next update!

Thank you! I hope so. I worked really hard to make this lightweight and accurate! It's by far the most accurate out of any audio ducking or sidechaining plugin!

One instance uses 1% CPU. That's pretty much the absolute minimum processing any Max patch that has a function uses in Ableton! Even the lightest max plugins use 1%.

You and me both! There will be many more cool updates to come in the future as well. Also open to any and all suggestions (and any bugs that pop up for that matter)