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Name | Version: Fixed Length Recording 1.1
Author: Panosla
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: A small freebie for those who don't have a Push, or want to have hands on control over the recorded clip length on session view

Load one device per track and simply hit record.

Feel free to check the rest of my work.

Note: At this moment, you can set the clip length in bars. This number is valid for 4/4 only. Including other time signatures requires some extra logic, which I haven't patched yet.

Note 2: If you move around tracks, or move the device through tracks, hit the panic button. You need to re-initialize the device in order to work properly.


Version 1.1:
Bugfix - Device would not initialize on instantiation
Bugfix - Clip length number would only report value when changed with mouse
Enhancement - Warning dialogues that regards the limitations of the device.


Live Version Used: 10.1.15
Max Version Used: 8.1.1
Date Added: Jul 04 2020 23:56:04
Date Last Updated: Jul 07 2020 09:44:21
Downloads: 3996
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: FixedLengthRecording v1.1.amxd


Awesome device that does exactly what I need for live looping/recording! Thanks Panosia!
Works fantastic !
I've got a similar working function in an unreleased device, so this peaked my interested. However, I drag it onto a track, record a clip, and nothing happens? Doesn't seem to work... or am I missing something?
@NickHyldeVIolin it's always a good idea to describe to the developer what is not working. Explain how you use it and what you expect it to do. Also, you should include some information about your Live's version and your Max version as well. It's a really simple device with no externals that it only "talks" to the API. Also, there is a small chance that it won't work if you trigger recordings with no quantization. If this is your case, then that could be the reason. Finally if you are moving tracks arround (e.g. track 1 moved to track 3). I have no idea about what could be going wrong from a single "Doesn't seem to work". Thanks
Looks like an awesome device, exactly what I need. However, it is not setting a fixed length to my recorded clips in the Session View. I am adding it to my track, at the beginning of the Audio Effect Chain, and setting the bar length. I've tried using the Master Record Button & also the record buttons on each clip in the session view. I also tried the Panic Button.
I am using Live 10.1.2, and Max 8.1.0
Any advice?
@Panosla Simply put, loading this device onto a track, and recording a new clip in a clipslot of the track the device is loaded onto, doesn't work. It just records. Looking at the code, nothing seems to be even keeping track of the Ableton clock, time signature, or tempo, so I'm not even sure how it's supposed to record a clip of fixed bar length? I'm on the latest version of Ableton and Max.
@NickHydeViolin and @lukewigham90 there were a few bugs (you can check them in the device description under the changelog section). These bugs have been addressed and the device should work just fine now. However, keep in mind that there are some limitations. The device detects the clip that you are going to record when you actually trigger then recording. That means that if you disable the clip launch quantization or start recording without pre-count when Live's transport is stopped, then the device will NOT work. This is simply because the device has no way to know, where you are going to record, prior to the "start record event". There are ways to address this limitation and get around it, but it's not something that I will do because, time... there's just not enough of it. I spent a total of one hour developing this after a thread in a FB group because I couldn't sleep. So, if someone wants to take over, I have published this device under a CC attribution - non-commercial - share-alike license. That means that feel free to modify the device as long as you are not selling it and you are including an attribution that leads back to me in your patch. So, thanks for the feedback, I hope that you have no further problems. Cheers
damn this saved me! Why this is not a default function in Live? Stupid Ableton!
Hi Pan!
great device ! thx

Quick note. Is it possible to also automatically turn off "Session Record" when the clip stops recording as well?
I use a footswitch mapped to the session record button to be able to do hands free looping, and when i start recording with that, when the clip stops recording after the set # of bars the Session Record button remains active and I'm getting a little bleed over while playing midi notes . (yes i should be stopping right at the end of the bar but sometimes i like to play though the end of loop a little... ;)

Note that it works fine for any audio tracks. And it works fine if I hit the record button on the clip itself, but not the session record button

thx in advance
This is really useful thanks, it seems to not work if you put multiple ones on a track (only one on at a time however). Would be amazing to be able to toggle through devices ie for a 2,4,8 bar loop (dedicated buttons on a controller)
I just wanted to say thank you for this device. It works wonderfully! Will it need to be updated for Live 11 or should it just work? Thanks again.
hi @Panosla i accidentally found your device, i just want to say thank u so much this save me a lot of time programing my keyboards to get to the point. The best community ever.
Hey Panosla, I joined this forum just to say thank you so much for making this device. I thought I was either unable to do what I wanted to do or have to buy more gear and your device made it so easy. Really appreciate you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This feature should be already implemented in Live.
Hi, to change default parameter length bar, search in file this parameter "parameter_initial" : [ 1.0 ],

and change to this :
"parameter_initial" : [ 4.0 ],

You should create multiple files with differents value, and use it.

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