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Name | Version: Sequencer-Ki 1.2.2
Author: killihu
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Sequencer-Ki is a 16-track sequencer for Ableton Live.

Main features:

- 16 tracks with independent trigger probability, length and speed, velocity and random velocity, note length beat synced and time-based, random note length, swing and random swing.
- Different playback modes per track: Forward / Backward / Ping-Pong / Ping-Pong Reversed / 4 Random modes.
- Selectable MIDI output notes and master transpose.
- 16 velocity lanes, one for each track.
- 32 envelope lanes that can be mapped to Live controls, output MIDI control changes or control the note length and the probability per step of the tracks.
- Variable smoothing of the values sent by the envelopes.
- Selectable trigger probability for steps and envelope lanes.
- Randomization of notes and envelope lanes.
- Copy / Paste data between tracks (notes and envelopes). Envelopes can be copied and pasted into any other envelope.
- 32 patterns that can be changed by MIDI input notes or automatic randomization.
- Custom track names and colors.
- Auto-rename tracks based on Live Drum Rack names.
- Link button to change parameters on all tracks at once.
- Available zoom levels: 100% / 110% / 120% / 130% / 140% / 150% / 160% / 170% / 180% / 190% / 200%.
- The interface colors automatically change to match the color theme of Live.

Buy Sequencer-Ki now and get the latest version. Then later, all future updates free.

Check the manual before buy:

Demo video:


v1.2.2 Bugfixes:

- Fixed a bug introduced in the 11.3.20 Live update that caused the velocity lane to not have the correct length in some cases.

v1.2.1 Bugfixes:

- Fixed a bug introduced in the 11.2.10 Live update that caused the colors of tracks, step lanes, and automation lanes to not display.

v1.2 New features and improvements:

- The trigger probability also affects envelope lanes.
- More steps per beat (3 and 6) to be able to play triplets.
- 3 new random play modes.
- Smooth automation. It is now possible to smooth the values sent by the envelope lanes.
- Solo button for all tracks.
- Muting a track now sends a note off message.
- Option to color all tracks to the same color.
- The rack button to open the sequencer is now mappable.
- When the link button is enabled, changes to the first track also control the mute buttons, solo buttons, and probability switches for all tracks.
- New PDF manual.

v1.2 Bugfixes:

- Fixed a bug that caused the mapping buttons to appear with a black background color when reopening a project.
- Fixed some internal color references to make plugin colors better match Ableton Live custom color themes.

v1.1 New features and improvements:

– Probability per step. Random adjustment per track and individual adjustment for each step using envelope lane B.
– Different playback modes per track: Forward / Backward / Ping-Pong / Ping-Pong Reversed / Random.
– Copy/Paste data between tracks (notes and envelopes). Envelopes can be copied and pasted into any other envelope.
– Resize sequencer window. Zoom levels: 100% / 110% / 120% / 130% / 140% / 150% / 160% / 170% / 180% / 190% / 200%.
– Auto-rename tracks based on Ableton Live Drum Rack names.
– Random Note Length between 0 ms and 1000 ms.
– The Link button allows changing more parameters at the same time.
– Clearer indication of which parameters are locked.

v1.1 Bugfixes:

– Fixed a bug that made the Swing control at 100% equal to 0%.
– Fixed the height of some controls when automating them with Ableton Live automation.

v1.0 – Initial release


Live Version Used: 11.3.20
Max Version Used: 8.5.6
Date Added: Jun 16 2020 18:27:53
Date Last Updated: Feb 05 2024 15:20:26
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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Amazing dude ! Use it to sequence everykind of stuff since two days it's so. dope ! By using it I've been thinking about features that i want to share with you.

A global retrig and a retrig for each sequence function, so the polyrythmic madness can be more controlable.

An autoname function for the sequences name based on the drumrack selected or the closest in the chain.

Some smoothing feature for the envelope lines.

A note offseter to be able to offset a 32 sequences readed at speed 1 to be displaced by a percentage of the 1 length, or a specific number of 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 or a fixed time in secs.

I'm also wondering if we could have some kind of random sequence displacement, by clicking randomly (or according to a pattern) onto the arrows. Or maybe my last two ideas can give you an idea about a more convenient tool that can do both.

Anyway, this device is already incredible, love your work, thanks !!! :)
Also a simple and well thinked note skipper feature like this one could be great and unleash the variation of this polyrythmic beast !

Maybe it's not your purpose but having also probabilistic alternate note(s) hitted by the sequences would give this to be the best sequencer ever haha

It adds a lot of UI elements, but your interface is so clean that i'm sure you would be able to make some sense about this.

I love the GUI that these two guys build if you don't know them :
Hi bpouille, I'm glad the plugin is useful to you. Thanks for the suggestions.

I am updating the plugin web page with suggestions that I receive from users and that I will try to implement in future versions.

I don't want to release many small updates, I prefer to release few updates with as many improvements as possible.

I take note of your suggestions and keep them in mind for the future.
Is there time offset option for particular cells?
You can delay track notes with swing control. If you want to delay just a few notes, you can use two tracks to send the same MIDI note and apply swing to only one of the tracks. Swing control is best explained in the PDF manual, as it is not exactly what we traditionally know as swing.
How do you use the auto-rename function? I can't find the button or steps in the manual.
I found the rename buttons. Does not seem to work, but my kit iis wrapped in a rack, so that must be blocking it.
Hi wuli, the auto-rename function doesn't work if the instrument is inside an Ableton Live rack. You can put Sequencer-Ki inside that rack and the auto-rename will work.

It may happen that moving the sequencer inside the rack causes the sequencer values to change. If that happens press CTRL + Z (undo) and the sequencer values will return to the correct state, and the sequencer will still be inside the rack.
@killihu Any plans to integrate with Push? I would happily pay twice your price if I could do the main sequencing, probability and track length (poly) on the push. I use Skinnerbox Time, which is a great start, but your device would be king if it was push-friendly.
@Oddeo - I am not a Push user and do not plan to purchase one for now. So I have no plans to implement the integration in Push. If I develop it in the future, I will announce it on my social networks and through the newsletter on my website.
One of the Live 10 best ofs. Going to get this awesome drum sequencer ASAP.

Only request how about a full featured note sequencer with very similar features that can compete with things like Five12 Numerology and Geist 2 Logic Pro X 10.5 sequencing for things like both random and also vary for every parameter with 1-32 steps on each note and any division.
@Syn - I will introduce new features in future updates, but for now the total number of tracks will be 16.
I'm planning on buying this but I have one question. Would this work with Mira on an iPad? I have never used Mira, but the idea of clicking this sequencer on the iPad seems very attractive. I'm curious if you have any users that use it that way or if you've tried it. Thanks!
@ braccia2 - Doesn't work with Mira app. I have controlled it from an iPad using Splashtop Wired XDisplay. I have to say that I used an iPad Mini with the plugin zoom extended, which caused a part of the plugin window to be off the iPad screen.

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