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Name/Version: MaxEnvelopes 1.3.0
Author: brodiem  
Description: Updated to 1.3.0, Live 10.1.15, Max 8.1.4.

MaxEnvelopes is an evolution of the Lfo device adding custom envelope shapes in an expandable window for more surgical shapes, copy & paste shapes easily.Triplets & Dotted synced to the playback and now a VERY large envelope window to help get you out of the box!

Feature Update:
Smooth transitions between rate automation v1.2.2
More rate divisions v1.2.2
Larger, cleaner scale window v1.2.2
Added clear & Init Preset v1.2.4
Adjustable display v1.3.0
Scale & offset for each map v1.3.0

Bug fixes:
Rate time error v1.2.2
Problem restoring some values v1.2.4
Rebuild for implementing presets v1.2.6
Solved some problems related to gl3 update v1.2.7

Thinking of adding shape presets,shape modulation.

Suggest some improvements and report any issues or request support

also dl ms dynamics for free.

Device Details

Tags lfo, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1.15
Max Version Used: 8.1.4
Date Added: Apr 14 2020 23:21:19
Date Last Updated: Jul 14 2020 22:18:39
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Hey Brodiem! I love the UI and general ease of use of your plugin. I found another LFO device that has some extra capabilities, but the UI imo is not nearly as good. take a look at this video and lmk if you might be able to implement some of these features!

Also, this is just a personal preference, but if there is any way to make the popout window an option instead of necessary, that helps with workflow a ton imo, keeping the graph within the lower portion of Ableton always feels right lol.

Either way, you did an amazing job! looking forward to your next devices!

i do like the morph..I could build a morph similar to this and add an lfo to that but i really want to import and export lfos which conflicts.i can intoduce a slightly different morph iv been thinking about,i just need to build it.Thanks for the input i like all these concepts.

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