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Name | Version: Group AB Tester 1.0
Author: domiko
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This plugin gives you the ability to AB (turn on/off) test multiple devices (effects & synths/instruments) across all tracks in a song. You do this by selecting a list of plugins that you want to test then clicking the A/B button to turn them all off or all on. This can be done in real time while the song plays.

You must clear plugins after a refresh
On large projects (60 + tracks, 100+ effects), clear and refresh may take a few seconds.


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 05 2020 15:28:59
Date Last Updated: Apr 05 2020 15:51:06
Downloads: 156
License: None
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Device File: Group AB Tester.amxd


Let me know if you find any problem or have any questions!
Looks cool! Will check this out today.
Will test this out, thanks!
What do you mean with "You must clear plugins after a refresh"
Looks great and just works so far.

While mixing, I spend my time assigning and de-assigning keyboard keys on various groups of plugins when I want to compare different options of processing.
With this little device, I will save a lot of time.
Thanks a lot !!!

I didn't test it in the context of an heavy set, but if it doesn't add CPU load, it will be one the greatest utility M4L devices I use...
@markusschloesser if you add tracks and need to refresh the plugin you're going to also have to clear the list/group you've created and re add the plugins to be tested. This is just a byproduct of how i programmed the logic for this thing and is not ideal :/
@Calagan it seems pretty light weight as of now. It takes a bit of CPU to scan the project but that only lasts a second or 2 and it should be good after that. the actual turning on/off of the devices seems to be very responsive

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