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Name/Version: Phase Distotter 1.0
Author: miunau  
Description: Phase-distortion synth with up to 16 voices. Implemented in gen~.

Two stages of distortion + harmonic knobs. Thanks to William Light (@wrl) for help with the PD algo and David Miner for testing help. Sounds nice and wide.

Comments welcome! if you want a reply faster, please tweet (@miuott) or email me.

- Up to 16 voices
- Harmonic + distortion
- Mono to M/S stereo knob
- Aliased noise into osc
- Moog-style ladder filter (by Surreal Machines)
- Multimode lp/hp/bp filters (by Surreal Machines)
- ADSR filter+amp envelopes

Contact: - more stuff on my site

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Downloads: 796
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Feb 06 2020 19:32:43
Date Last Updated: Feb 06 2020 19:45:56
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: Phase Distotter 1.0.amxd


I love phase distortion synths and this one is an awesome "simple" one.

Built-in modulations (i.e LFO) to any destination would be nice, but dragging LFO around is easy anyway.
It seems like this device doesn't like changing the number of voices: it's better to type in the number rather than using the knob; and it can Some parameters ranges could benefit a bit of exponential value scaling, to have better control ranges.
The parameters aren't Push ready but it just needs a quick edit. I could do it if you don't have Push Miunau.

Anyway, a nice one ;-)

Thanks Crampe!

I didn't want to add a LFO to keep the UI as simple as possible right now- might add it later but personally I just use the M4L one.

Yes I forgot the buggy voice allocation in it seems :) if you refiddle the knobs it should come back, but I'll upload a fixed version soon. Currently it just sends a "voices n" message to the poly~, that's why.

Good idea on the exponential ranges! Also yes, I don't have a Push, so if you want to help that'd be appreciated!

Ok, I'll send you an email so you can send me a fixed version for which I'll manage the banks mapping.

Creative features. Nice synth.

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