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Name | Version: GMaudio Chordz 1.0
Author: groovmekanik
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Looking for new ways to write chord progressions? Want to perform live but don't have enough hands or technique to dash between a variety of chords? Just want to learn more about different chords and how they sound? ...
No worries, GMaudio Chordz MIDI Effect can help :)

Inspired by the Qubit Chord v2 Eurorack Module, this Max For Live device takes a single note input and generates a 4 Voice note output, which can be selected using two dials or randomized for generative music goodness. Its a great tool to explore music theory and its simple interface results in instantly meaningful musicality.

Chord Quality - Selects one of 8 chord types, ranging from common Major & Minor chords to more obscure Suspended and Diminished chords, basically selecting the 4 intervals or notes that make up the chord.

Chord Voicing - Changes the voicing of the chord to one of 17 possibilities by applying a variety of octave shifts in different ways which can result in different tonics, changing the vibe of the chord output.

Humanize - Applies velocity randomization and a random delay to each individual voice for every note input, resulting in a slightly different chord output each time a new note is played.

The remaining switches can be used to randomize the Chord Quality or Voicing for each new note, temporarily Sustain or Hold all current and newly generated notes or turn off the original Root note for more variation or defining your own tonic with another instrument.

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Live Version Used: 10.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: Dec 10 2019 12:57:35
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0

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License: None
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for some reason the minor chord is staying as a major chord. tried reloading a few times, and there's no diff between the first two chord settings on my end. 🤷‍♂️
@cloudchord I haven’t seen that before. I do have an update coming soon for added push functionality but the patching is pretty much the same... what version of max are you running?
You don’t have any Scale MIDI effects on the same track do you? Are you changing the parameter using MIDI, Push or Automation or simply clicking it? The only bugs Ive found is other max for live devices occasionally effecting the note output due to timing errors but that makes the output nil as opposed to outputting incorrect chords. Do the other chords work? Feel free to email/messsage me so I can get some more info and fix it if there is an issue @cloudchord :)
Here are some examples of how you can use this and my Note probability device to create complex generative sequences;
little info- doesnt work in silicon mode
it's since been updated and recompiled for use on Apple ARM processors. Still free too :)

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