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Name/Version: High School Crush 1.1
Author: CaligulaCuddles  
Description: High School Crush 1.1 - the de-rezzing audio mangler’s dream; a triple parallel bit crusher/downsampler with crossover wet/dry mixing.

What is it:
High School Crush recreates the feeling of trying to recall hazy infatuations with a triple bit crushing/downsampling onslaught of nostalgia-inducing audio corruption.

What makes this special is that each of the parallel effects has a crossover filter for mixing the dry signal in or out of the mix.

Why would you want all this junk? Well, funny I should postulate you asking. With “redux” style effects, one of the charms and problems alike is the resonant harmonics that you sometimes get at given sample rates. While those overtones have their usage, the harsh aliasing adds a distinctly digital sound. My goal was to do accomplish two things:
-Allow for parallel sample rates to be set to slightly different levels to make the overtones less apparently resonant.
-Allow for more of the dry signal to come through for the high end to create a warmer and less digital tone.

As mentioned, there are three parallel effects, each color coded.
Naturally, there’s a bit rate and sample rate option for each.
There’s also a Freq Split number box where you can define the crossover filter’s frequency.
Under the High Mix text, there’s a wet/dry control for effect on the frequency above the Freq Split.
(Hidden secret: you can click the High Mix text and dial in a wet/dry mix for the lows, too.)
There’s also a dial for the master control of the overall mix.

The spectroscope shows the dry signal with the white display. The pink signal behind it shows the signal for the highs at 100% wet, that way you can get a sense of what the overtones look like with the effect all the way up, and you can kind of tailor you mix with that as a reference.
The three bars represent the relative Freq Split points in relation to the spectroscope. You can change the display from linear to logarithmic too, if that’s your thing.

Because of the nature of crossover filters, there’s a little bit of volume that can be lost when they’re applied. I tried to set it close to the appropriate volume, but if you find that you need to refine it further, there’s a barely-visible X-looking toggle button next to the pink mix dial. Click that and you can tweak the individual effect line volumes.

If you really want to ramp up the audile nostalgia factor, scope out the High School Crush’s sister patch, College Dropout. I just revised it, and I gotta admit… I’m kind of proud of how well they pair with one another.

Hit me up if you have any ideas to improve the patch or if you have some other general questions.

Keep it fresh and keep it free.

♡ ♡ ♡
Special shoutout to ELPHNT/Tom for graciously showing this patch in his excellent Max for Live miniseries on his YouTube channel:
Check it out. There are a handful of other videos there as well, all featuring even cooler patches by more impressive M4L devs.
♡ ♡ ♡

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Downloads: 20661
Tags effect, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Dec 18 2018 02:12:41
Date Last Updated: Aug 27 2019 17:44:25
Average Rating (13) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: High School Crush 1.2.amxd


Haven't tried this out yet, but I love the description. :D

Hmmm...sounds totally irresponsible. Can't wait to try it out!!!

description is brilliant indeed!

Why there is'nt any .vst version of this plugin?

sopgv - Considering the relative simplicity of the plugin, I was thinking of trying to adapt this with both WDL-OL and JUICE to get a feel for each framework and see what?if any?aptitude I have for that sort of thing. Who knows; it might happen eventually.

*(Autocorrect mistake: I meant JUCE)

Super module ! Merci CaligulaCuddles ?

Thnx for the inspiration that gives this device!
Many thnx for sharing.
When I have mix-master on 100% it seems it is still has passed clean signal of input with processed.
I want a completely dry amazing raw sound of this fx)
Could you advise is it possible (or how) to make the complete dry-wet knob?

Hi again!
It seems I understand your concept of dry/wet for each channel and separately for the whole device)
Thanks! Sorry for the distraction!)
Have an inspiring time!

hey! thank you for your hard work and this plugin has been so much fun. i had a question: on both my windows and macbook, when ever I load the High School Crush plugin, I always get two error messages:

live.text can't find gem.svg
live.text can't find skull.svg

it doesn't end up affect the plugin at all, just an extra tab i have to close whenever i load it up. is there a way to get rid of these? thanks again!

uhhhh... dopeuzfck! You sir, are an outstanding citizen!

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