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Name/Version: Phaedra 2.0
Author: bamforp  
Description: Phaedra is a phaser modelled on the Schulte Compact Phasing A unit from the 1970's. The LFO sweep is modelled on the original lamp and LDR setup.

*** UPDATED Nov 2019. New algorithm gets closer to the Compact A character and added gain & dry/wet controls ***

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Downloads: 956
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Dec 12 2018 11:13:44
Date Last Updated: Nov 03 2019 13:55:25
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Phaedra.amxd


I'm a total phaser addict and I REALLY like the sound of this. Great job, it totally beats 99% of commercial VST phasers in terms of "analog" sound.

Could you add input & output gain knobs? There can be some pretty wild volume swings when tweaking the parameters and turning the device on/off.

Like dubdub above I'm a Phaser lover, yours is amazing! Thanks !

I created an account just to comment. AWESOME!!! Hands down this is the most authentic, simple to use, vintage sounding phaser plugin I have come across, and I have tried quite a few. Most are overly complicated to arrive where I arrived with yours in seconds, then I got lost playing with it. Pure pleasure... what it should be... Fun, and inspiring!

I agree with dubdub. Input /output gain knobs would be choice! Dry/wet might be nifty as well.


Like the user above, I created an account just to say: Amazing work ??
And like the others above I am a phaser aficionado and this is a great one.


Looks like it changed my fire and praise emojis to question marks ?? above.

Almost perfect but there is a clicking noise when you control the depth manually either with the mouse or midi mapper controller, its not there when controlled by the LFO but as i like to control the depth and res manually on a midi controller it becomes a pain.
It's most apparent when you have a clean tone rather than noise as an input and the gain is turned up but as you sweep the depth with each increment there is a tiny click which becomes more noticeable if you sweep it quicker. You might miss on a pair of speakers but on headphones, it becomes much more noticeable.

This is a wonderful sounding phaser. Two small comments:

1) It's a bit CPU heavy, anyway to reduce that?
2) Would be nice to have a "Width" control to move it from Mono to Stereo.

Nice work!

Love the device, really sounds great but is as mentioned a little CPU heavy. A follow up few comments/suggestions if I may for consideration if you decide to do any more development...

1) Center Freq: To "tune" the center frequency of the notches when using lower depth settings.
2) Width: To spread the sweep across the stereo field +/- left and right.
3) Stages: It sounds like this is a 2 stage filter, would be nice to have 4 and 6 stages as well.

Thanks for your excellent work, this is way good enough to charge for, spent $ on many less useful, less decent sounding devices.

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