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Name/Version: Cc converter 1.2
Author: Takadimi  
Description: This device convert midi Cc (control change) to any other midi Cc. It can be used as a midi Cc ROUTER or midi Cc VALUE CHANGER. It also MONITOR selected Cc input and output and FILTER/let Pass Thru unselected Cc.

Main features
8 slots with the ability to :
- route change any Cc in number to any Cc out Nb
- convert : change output range value
- monitor : selected Cc number (input and output)
- solo/mute : output CC
- filter selected Cc and Thru/block other other Cc Nb
- midi learn button

Caution :
This device filter selected Cc to avoid any conflict.
you can also decide to block all Cc Input

usual option
- normal/extended view
- « info" button and "edit device name" button
- designed for push
- info :

Device Details

Downloads: 2160
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Nov 01 2018 11:05:02
Date Last Updated: Nov 29 2018 07:43:41
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: CcConverter.amxd


I can't find a way to assign controllers, midi is going in but there is no response in the router window.

Did you click on "active" button ?
As for a track : when active is enable, it open output routing. If disable, nothing happen...

Nice work! it?s possible to convert channels?

I tried clicking on everything. Does this only work with Push?

Hello, and thanks for this tool. I wish to use it to map a single hardware input controller to multiple hardware synths. The target units have a fixed midi implementation, requiring a controller # translation.

When I add the CcConverter.amxd device to the midi chain (1st device) the table with 8 controller slots remains blank (black background only).

If I open the device in Max, I see:

8 errors:
bpatcher: bpatcher: error loading patcher BB.CCConvert.maxpat
These point to: "varname" : "BPCC_1",

then 2 errors:
live.text: can't find ArrowOn.svg
pointing to: "varname" : "InputMin[8]",

then 8 more errors:
pattrforward: could not resolve requested object (BPCC_1::Monitor)
these point to: pattrforward

is there a component missing in the device?

Am I using the device wrong? I expected to see 8 slots to populate with
incoming controllers to translate...

Thanks! any insight you could provide is appreciated.
Happy to send screen grabs off-list.


Bug corrected (the device wasn't "freezed", so it was looking for missing files)
Thanks for your post

Enjoy playing !

Hello can i select a midi output outside ableton. I,d like to use my drumpad to trigger different videos on a second computer. In every scene in ableton i would like to be able to route the four pads to an other set of four video's. best regards

Off course, midi routing for internal or external is managed by Ableton Live. Set midi output in "preferences" and select appropriate input/output for each track.

Thank you for that fine converter! It's really useful.
Does anyone knows a solution to convert CC to pitch bend data? that would be great

Very useful device... but it doesn't pass thru any other midi messages, not even notes, which is quite inconvenient (but an easy fix) ;-)

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