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Mute Mean Disable Version 1.5
Midi Filter Select Version 1.4
Cc converter Version 1.2
CC Filter Version 1.3
ProgramChange Version 1.1
Mute Mean Disable A Version 1.5
Step Transpose Version 0.8
Latch.NoteHolder Version 2.4

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Very nice idea Mathieu.
I had some code in order that it fit for a mac too.
If you need, just ask me at, I will send you the patch.

Off course, midi routing for internal or external is managed by Ableton Live. Set midi output in "preferences" and select appropriate input/output for each track.

Bug corrected (the device wasn't "freezed", so it was looking for missing files)
Thanks for your post

Enjoy playing !


Did you click on "active" button ?
As for a track : when active is enable, it open output routing. If disable, nothing happen...

Hi Calegan
You can download a midi version of this device here :
So you can place it before your vst instrument !

Hi Broah

As far as I know, "Device enable" parameter's changes are writen in undo history by live. So every changes with this device are stored in Live's undo history

Hi LeoVirtuoso

As far as I know, in a midi or instrument track, all midi data are writed by ableton Live (inside the track), as coming from channel 1. This is a specificity of Ableton Live.
This mean you can select midi in channel in the input menu and mid channel out the output menu but inside the track, midi channel has no importance.
So, if you need to select midi data according to their channel you have to select it by creating a midi track for each channel then routing it by selecting approprate midi channel output.

Could be a good idea... as an option I guess : something like "re-enable on input" option ? I'll have a look but I think it is possible. Are you interested in this option ?

Hi Keikusama

Very good idea, really useful.
As I experiment problem with mute in drum rack, I modify your patch to add a mute monitoring and management and it seems to work. If you are interested, just mail me and I will sent it :
Thank you