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Name/Version: Emu Control 4
Author: bcm70  
Description: Device that allows control of the following per voice parameters on an EIV series sampler running EOS4.0 or above:

1. Preset selection
2. Preset Voice selection
3. Preset Global Volume
4. Voice Amplifier Volume, Amplifier Pan, Amplifier Depth and Submix
5. Voice Amp Envelope Attack Rates, Attack Level %s, Decay Rates, Decay Level %s, Release Rates and Release Level %s
6. Voice Filter Type, Cutoff Frequency and Resonance
7. Voice Filter Envelope Attack Rates, Attack Level %s, Decay Rates, Decay Level %s, Release Rates and Release Level %s
8. Voice LFO Rates, Shapes, Delays, Var %s, Sync, Lag 0 and Lag 1
9. Cord 0-17 Source, Destination and Amount %s.
10. FX A and FX B type selection.

Zip file contains two devices and a pdf of instructions on how to use setup the devices in Live and how to configure your sampler.

This is a work in progress and the intention is to add more functionality over time and merge these devices with the Emu Front Panel Control device I also have posted to the site into a single device.

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Downloads: 354
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: May 26 2018 01:16:41
Date Last Updated: May 27 2018 05:19:22
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: Emu Control


@bcm70 - It looks very promising, but there seems to be a problem with the upload, again. I only get 0kb-files...

Same here, looks like the full device file is not uploaded.

Have another go guys. I've just uploaded it again. Not sure why the upload keeps failing. I'm not seeing any warnings my end.

Really excited about this! Unfortunately my e6400 is not responding to any of the changes. Followed the instructions. Does SysMsg go anywhere?

Hello, I have been trying to get this working but the preset change functionality and feedback does not seem to work. Whichever number is entered in the preset selection field it only seems to effect preset 0. All the functionality seems to work on Preset 0 only. I have followed all the instructions for setup. Any ideas?

Hey mate - that's a weird one. As long you have your sampler set to the correct channel it should work. Especially weird given it seems to be controlling all of the other fields ok.

You're not in multi mode are you? What model sampler you using?

Unfortunately i can't test my script at the moment. Just moved house and on setting up my gear, the E5000 blew up as I powered it up. I suspect (hope) it's just the PSU, but haven't had a chance to look.

The other possibility is that my implementation doesn't work any more - they may have changed the way Sysex works in Max. The original setup with the SysMsg was required because you couldn't send and receive Sysex on the same channel in Live 10. That's been fixed.

Hey, thanks so much for getting back to me. So sorry to hear about your sampler. I switched to omni and followed the instructions. I have an e6400 on os 4.62. imo the change in the way max works seems most likely.. would it be easy to make the master plugin listen to sysex now since it's implemented, I'd be happy to attempt that. Otherwise I've realized I can still use it to set up a new preset if I just sample into preset 0 so that's still useful. I really appreciate this and also the front panel program, which is working perfectly for me and I've assigned to be controlled by my keyboard. thank you!

Yes it would probably be much easier to have the main script just send and receive Sysex directly, rather than having to use the SysListener as well. It was a pain having to implement it the way I did.

So feel free to modify the script.

The other thing that could be causing you grief is your OS version. I have 4.7 on my sampler, so I've never tried it on anything but that.

Hi again. I would love to get this working, but have no clue how to try adding sysex reception to the main device as I've never used Max, is it easy? If not do you mind if I ask around for help? Thanks again for these handy devices, they are helping me a lot, esp the front panel as some of my buttons stick.

Go for it mate.

Can't edit my comment above - Max is easish if you've done any sort of programming before. Just need to get your head around the visual basis for it. I don't think it would be tough to change the setup so it's just operating off the same channel as the main script. I'll have a look at my sampler this weekend and see how much damage occurred when I turned it on a few weeks back. If it's just the PSU, I have the original one I can stick back in there. If I can get it up and running I'll spend an hour or so looking at what I need to change to get it working on a single track in Live.

I hope it works out and you can get your sampler up and running. I have thought about changing the PSU on mine as a preemptive measure.

Hi there should this still be working? I have followed the instructions, I can see the midi light flash when I move stuff on the screen, but no parameters actually change. EOS 4.7 and latest Ableton 10. Don't know if you monitor this anymore. Thanks

Hey mate - as far as I know it should, but I haven't had a chance to check lately as my sampler is still broken.

Hi, any way I can debug this for you? Is there particular midi settings on the E-MU E4K that I should turn on for this to work? It's in multi-mode right now. How would I change the pre-set for a particular midi channel?

I am getting this error under print:
comment: doesn't understand "int"

What is SysMsg.amxd needed for? It's not mentioned in the PDF?

Opened it into Max Live to debug:
newobj: live.banks: No such object
comment: doesn't understand "int" (when I double click it highlight the Depth which defaults to -96 db)

It seems like loadmess connects to message 1 but that 1 then connects comment "Depth". That causes an error "comment doesn't understand "int" ". Should the connect from message go somewhere else?

It seems like loadmess connects to message 1 but that 1 then connects comment "Depth". That causes an error "comment doesn't understand "int" ". Should the connect from message go somewhere else?

So regarding receive SysMsg that parses the incoming preset name, the
wav: PWM-1 never goes away. When is Live supposed to update the preset name?
Is maybe something wrong with my setup? I have two tracks, one with the external instrument and EMU control and another track with SysListener with Monitor set to In - Midi From is Channel 1 on the EMU. When I change the preset on the E-MU sampler, the Midi In signal blinks of the track with SysListener but nothing updates.
What would be a simple debug message I could add to the Max script to check if it receives a sysmessage at all?

wow, really hoping we can have a group effort here & stabilize this, would love if it worked! anyone done any solid work on this recently?

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