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I hope it works out and you can get your sampler up and running. I have thought about changing the PSU on mine as a preemptive measure.

Hi again. I would love to get this working, but have no clue how to try adding sysex reception to the main device as I've never used Max, is it easy? If not do you mind if I ask around for help? Thanks again for these handy devices, they are helping me a lot, esp the front panel as some of my buttons stick.

Hey, thanks so much for getting back to me. So sorry to hear about your sampler. I switched to omni and followed the instructions. I have an e6400 on os 4.62. imo the change in the way max works seems most likely.. would it be easy to make the master plugin listen to sysex now since it's implemented, I'd be happy to attempt that. Otherwise I've realized I can still use it to set up a new preset if I just sample into preset 0 so that's still useful. I really appreciate this and also the front panel program, which is working perfectly for me and I've assigned to be controlled by my keyboard. thank you!

Hello, I have been trying to get this working but the preset change functionality and feedback does not seem to work. Whichever number is entered in the preset selection field it only seems to effect preset 0. All the functionality seems to work on Preset 0 only. I have followed all the instructions for setup. Any ideas?