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Hey mate - as far as I know it should, but I haven't had a chance to check lately as my sampler is still broken.

Can't edit my comment above - Max is easish if you've done any sort of programming before. Just need to get your head around the visual basis for it. I don't think it would be tough to change the setup so it's just operating off the same channel as the main script. I'll have a look at my sampler this weekend and see how much damage occurred when I turned it on a few weeks back. If it's just the PSU, I have the original one I can stick back in there. If I can get it up and running I'll spend an hour or so looking at what I need to change to get it working on a single track in Live.

Go for it mate.

Yes it would probably be much easier to have the main script just send and receive Sysex directly, rather than having to use the SysListener as well. It was a pain having to implement it the way I did.

So feel free to modify the script.

The other thing that could be causing you grief is your OS version. I have 4.7 on my sampler, so I've never tried it on anything but that.

Hey mate - that's a weird one. As long you have your sampler set to the correct channel it should work. Especially weird given it seems to be controlling all of the other fields ok.

You're not in multi mode are you? What model sampler you using?

Unfortunately i can't test my script at the moment. Just moved house and on setting up my gear, the E5000 blew up as I powered it up. I suspect (hope) it's just the PSU, but haven't had a chance to look.

The other possibility is that my implementation doesn't work any more - they may have changed the way Sysex works in Max. The original setup with the SysMsg was required because you couldn't send and receive Sysex on the same channel in Live 10. That's been fixed.

Have another go guys. I've just uploaded it again. Not sure why the upload keeps failing. I'm not seeing any warnings my end.

@FlowID - you might like this then :)

You must be using Live 10 or greater as well as sysex is stripped out in versions below that so the device won't work.

@FlowID - no sorry should have mentioned it in the blurb.

You need to set your sampler up as follows:

1. Push the Master button on the front of the sampler.

2. Press F6 to enter the MIDI page.

3. Press F1 to enter the Mode page.

4. Set the Basic Channel to 1.

5. Set the MIDI mode to omni.

6. Set the MIDI Device ID to 1.

7. Press the Master button again to save the changes.

@Encoder - I've sent you an email via your gmail account.

@FlowID - The device works off a combination of sysex (all the front panel buttons) and MIDI CC (preset change). I used the EOS 4.0 sysex document as the basis for the sysex calls. So if your machine is running that you should be fine. If it's running an earlier version of EOS it may or may not work. I don't have a machine with an earlier version of the operating system to check it on. So have a go. I'd be interested in knowing if it does work on older machines.

OK I've re-uploaded the device. Have a crack at it now and let me know if you're still having issues.

Can you describe what how you're trying to use it. With as much detail as possible.

Can you describe what how you're trying to use it. With as much detail as possible.