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Name/Version: SpectraSketch 1.1
Author: WillSavin  
Description: This device reads image files as frequency spectrum data, allowing for a variety of effects including unique filtering, phase manipulation and sound generation, or simply encoding the image into the frequency spectrum of your track as a hidden message or easter egg. The frequency scaling of the image can be curved from linear to logarithmic, and constrained to a particular range of frequencies.

Each colour channel has individual scaling for amplitude and phase and can be freely panned between the left and right channels, giving you fine control over the sound.

In additive mode, a positive amplitude depth will produce sounds without any input, allowing this device to function as both an audio effect and an instrument in its own right.

The image can be flipped, rotated and inverted to offer several options without having to edit the image, but there is also a reload button to quickly reload the image from file so that you can make changes in an external program and hear the changes easily.

14th April 2018 - V1.1 Update
- Extended lower frequency limit to 0Hz.
- Extended time range to 600 seconds.
- Scan line position retained when switching between Auto and Mouse modes, allowing Mouse mode to function as a 'pause' of the scan.
- Added new phase mode to allow colour values to map directly to phase value instead of phase change per FFT frame.

Device Details

Tags synth, effect, other
Live Version Used: 9.7.5
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Mar 09 2018 21:35:04
Date Last Updated: Apr 14 2018 22:11:35
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Very interesting device! I'm looking for an alternative similar to the spectral room from Metasynth that is usable in Live instead of working offline, and this device seems quite nice. Question before buying though: does the image loaded is recalled in a saved session? Or I have to reload the image each time?

Yup! The image file's location is saved in the device and it is automatically recalled when you load up your session. You just need to make sure you don't move/delete the image you are using or the device won't be able to load it the next time you load up your project.

I bought this device and let me tell you all this: it?s really an amazing device! Very well done and designed, super easy to see what?s going on/what you do and more importantly, sounds great! I love the fact that you can use it without any audio input, as a spectral synthesis sound generator. The perfect replacement directly in my DAW for Metasynth and Photosounder that are offline/standalone software. Good job Will, I love it! I recommend this device to anyone interested into experimental & unorthodox sound design.

? = '

Dont know what happened here lol.

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