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Name | Version: Realtime Granulator 1.0
Author: troll
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: I liked the idea of the Hourglass Granulator but found it difficult to use so I hacked it into this hope its useful mapped out to push controller.

original version here ....

If modulation is your thing i suggest mapping a max LFO or ENV follower device to this effect


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Sep 17 2017 17:48:07
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1678
License: None
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Device File: Realtime Granulator.amxd


Just like the Houglass granulator, I can't get any sound out of it. No idea why...I see the waveform passing into the buffer, but no sound is coming out even with the mix knob to the max. OSX 10.12 - Ableton 9.7.4.

Any idea why??
what version of max? Neonbreath?
seemed to work on all my machines
anyone else have this problem?
I couldn't recreate this bug on the Hourglass. Weird. What are the exact settings you have on the device?
Thanks for the replies guys. Pretty weird eh?

I have Max 7.3.4 and the latest Ableton 9.7.4. Everything seems up do date on my side...

Ahhh this is bothering me now. Have you tried downloading the update? I hope it works for you, if not I'll keep hunting it down.
Downloaded the latest Hourglass update a min ago and tried it... It works! Didn't see that you updated Hourglass. Thanks for that :)

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