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Name/Version: fgc.RhythmGenMaxiallyEven 1.0
Author: furiousgreencloud  
Description: LATEST VERSION:

Generates MIDI patterns with the "Maximally Even" property, also called "Euclidean rhythms".

This _Maximally Evenness_ is found in the timelines of different musical traditions, including: Rap, Shiko, Gahu, Clave Rumba, Clave Bossa-Nova and Clave Son which are all variations of 16 pluses and 5 onsets. This device allows you to explore the hypothetical other cultural traditions that don't exist (yet?) as well as the ones that do.

- Any number of pulses and onsets up to 32
- All mathematical Variations can be explored, with optimal pattern always available
- Allows pattern to be rotated
- Includes demo project.
- Midi Learn for External Gear


PRO Version 1.2 Available from



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Downloads: 1758
Tags drum, sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.7.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.10
Date Added: Jun 30 2017 11:05:51
Date Last Updated: Apr 25 2019 01:25:27
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Commercial

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Device File: fgc.RhythmGenMaximallyEven.amxd


Hiya FGC,
A pulse length of 16n with 16 pulses, 4 onsets, at the 0 phase should produce 4-on-the-floor right? And yet to my ears, despite it being evenly distributed in a 4/4 session, it sounds as if it is longer by a single 16th note. Playing with the metronome confirms this.

While we're at it, could you help me understand the optimal button? And how many combinations can it generate? Would it be possible for these to be selected randomly or have a dial rotate through them? Just trying to find a way for everything on the interface to be control assignable rather than a mouse selection...


yes you're right - I'll look into this.

the optimal button, rounds the math so that the onset in placed in the closest position to make *the* maximally even pattern rather than the other variations which are "almost maximally even"

for 16,5 (pulses, onset) for example there are 2*2*2*2 = 16 almost maximally even beat patterns

each variation is formed from either rounding down (choosing the earlier onset position) or rounding up (choosing the later onset position)

have a look at
on page 4, you will see the this explained with graphs and the all the combinations listed.

In my device the variation panel pick from each of the 2 (high and low) options, sometime this makes a different pattern, sometimes not.

Off by 1 error fixed in version 1.1, which will be uploaded for a reasonable donation at

hi furiousgreencloud!
Make those corrections in step!
Trio notes and shuffle!
I'm willing to pay for it!

Hi Evolver,

go ahead and donate i work for $CAD40/hour as a guide.


as i understand you want triplet durations (14min), the off by one error fixed (15min), and a shuffle - what is that, randomize (30min)?

Make a new version paid and you will have a buyer!
I'm the first to buy this for a reasonable price!
1-The picture should be 16 steps, and you have 15 ...
2-Learn midi note use the range from 1-128! Otherwise, you get an error for one note!
3-Pulse length:
1/2 1/2T
1/4 1/4T
1/8 1/8T
1/16 1/16T
1/32 1/32T
and SHUFFLE: 0-127
4-Rotate=OFF SET
Your device is excellent!
I'll wait for the new version ...
Thank you!

$$$ => More Excellence!

hello furiousgreencloud)

It would be nice if the output of this sequencer could be attracted to any parameter that I choose!
I suggest you make an excellent original device and evaluate it - the buyers will!
I can make a video about his work!

hi all i fixed the bugs and put it in on an ecommerce site,, 50% off with the coupon 50OFF till 1 Oct

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