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fgc.reenableAutomation Version 1.1
fgc.CuePointExport Version 1.0
fgc.RhythmGenMaxiallyEven Version 1.0
fgc.MIDIChainMute Version 1.01
fgc.globalQuantToggle.amxd Version 1.0
fgc.SendToggle Version 1.0
fgc.DJTransport Version 1.0

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Yes it's true!

The device receives notifications from Ableton which cause a crash on set close. To avoid this, please switch the device off before closing. I know this is dumb, please send you crash reports to Ableton so they fix it.

You could try updating your Max.

hi all i fixed the bugs and put it in on an ecommerce site,, 50% off with the coupon 50OFF till 1 Oct

I'll look into it. Which max version are you on?

$$$ => More Excellence!

Hi Evolver,

go ahead and donate i work for $CAD40/hour as a guide.


as i understand you want triplet durations (14min), the off by one error fixed (15min), and a shuffle - what is that, randomize (30min)?

Off by 1 error fixed in version 1.1, which will be uploaded for a reasonable donation at

yes you're right - I'll look into this.

the optimal button, rounds the math so that the onset in placed in the closest position to make *the* maximally even pattern rather than the other variations which are "almost maximally even"

for 16,5 (pulses, onset) for example there are 2*2*2*2 = 16 almost maximally even beat patterns

each variation is formed from either rounding down (choosing the earlier onset position) or rounding up (choosing the later onset position)

have a look at
on page 4, you will see the this explained with graphs and the all the combinations listed.

In my device the variation panel pick from each of the 2 (high and low) options, sometime this makes a different pattern, sometimes not.