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Name | Version: MultiTapper 1.8
Author: mothergarage
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: A simple multi tap stereo delay with filter for every stereo tap. Drive and feedback controls.

V1.1: Bugfixes. Added dry/wet control

V1.3: Bugfixes. UI update. Added a routing switch for the feedback.

V1.6: Complete rework of the GUI. Changed the filter frequency to more reasonable values.

V1.7: Bugfixes. GUI updates.

V1.7.1: Bugfixes.

V1.7.2: Bugfixes.

V1.8: Added option to sync the delay taps.


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: May 10 2017 10:05:27
Date Last Updated: Jun 23 2017 10:10:10
Downloads: 1185
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: MultiTapper 1.8.amxd


Great device! Running into one issue tho - The left channel Volume faders act a little funky.

Here's a gif to explain:

In short - the controls seem to be crossed somehow. The 2 channel on the left actually controls the 3rd, the 3rd / 4th don't actually work until the 1st one is up at least a little.

Hope that helps!
Thanks for reporting. I hope it is fixed now.
Thanks for reporting. I hope it is fixed now.
Almost there! 2L & 3L are fixed, but 4L is still dependent on 1L being turned up a little. Right channel works 100%

Btw, any chance of getting a per channel per delay time sync option (synced to host tempo)? i.e. 1/64, 1/32, 1/16...1/1, 1.5/1, 2/1... etc. ?

I'll have a look into the sync option.
BTW, 1.7.2 is working 100% - you da man!

Many thanks!! This device is fantastic!
Thanks for adding the sync option!
I like this device, but it's not working properly for me using Live 9.7.7 with Max 7.3.5. All of the parameters seem to be usable except for the delay time boxes. They're all blank and you can't adjust the delay time in ms mode. If I switch to sync mode, however, I can get the drop down menus to come up by kind of blindly clicking around and eventually hitting the right spot.


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