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Name/Version: CC Hijack 1.5
Author: jeffcaylor  
Description: Have you ever noticed that when you midi map a control change message in Ableton Live, you lose that functionality in other instruments? FOR INSTANCE, I’ve always wanted to assign my sustain pedal to the hold button in the Arpeggiator midi device. Unfortunately, if you do that in Ableton Live now, you disable the sustain pedal everywhere else. This device lets you sustain notes as normal, but it also allows the sustain pedal to be mapped to a button, like Arpeggiator Hold.

Available for $9 usd at

Please note, I’m providing these details at as an FYI to the community of folks here who like interesting add-ons for Ableton Live. If you have any issues, please use the form on my web site since I rarely visit this page and likely won’t see your comments.
The other trick the CC Hijack device does is it can take any incoming control change message and assign it a new number. This is useful if you have a midi controller that doesn’t allow you to change CC#’s on your knobs and sliders.

Version History:

1.1 - Fixed bug where CC Convert defeats other CC output. Cleaned up code.
1.2 - Updated interface and cleaned up code.
1.5 - Rebranded and updated interface at

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: Apr 07 2017 00:20:56
Date Last Updated: Mar 24 2021 16:40:42
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Do you got any informations if this also works in Live 9?
Otherwise I?ll just test it asap.

Hey Sorry I missed this message, Robert. It's good to go in 9.5. I haven't tested it in Live 9, though. I'm not sure of any reason it wouldn't work there but let me know if you have a problem if you do test it out.

Can you please make it compatible with Live 10?!
Some parts of the device are not visible in Live 10....

Hey Steril1234, can you email me at with any issues you're having? It's fine on Live 10 for me so I'm happy to work with you to see if we can get it sorted for you.

hi Jeff! just wanted to make sure it works with the latest v of Live11 before I purchase (: could you maybe confirm?

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