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Name/Version: Stochastic MIDI 1.2
Author: WillSavin  
Description: Generate random MIDI note messages with adjustable probability and randomised length and velocity for each note. Includes two probability modes, quick Major and Harmonic Minor scale selection, adjustable range, and the clock speed can be set in Hz or synced to the project tempo.

Use the 'Note Weighting' dials to set the probability of each note being played, or turn them all the way to the left to turn them off completely.

26/11/17 UPDATE: Version 1.3
- Bug fixes
- Note weightings now save correctly
- Corrected parameter names

30/03/17 UPDATE: Version 1.2
- Bug fixes
- Repeats after correct number of steps
- Repeats in the same octave each time
- Changing rate no longer triggers new notes

- Extended range of rates to include longer times (4bars/0.1Hz)

- Added additional scales to preset selection

24/03/17 UPDATE: Version 1.1
- Added user defined seed for RNG

- Added option to repeat up to 255 randomised notes when using user defined seed


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Downloads: 2269
Tags sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.3.3
Date Added: Mar 22 2017 11:47:07
Date Last Updated: Nov 27 2017 16:37:12
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNoDerivatives

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Device File: StochasticMIDI1.3.amxd


Hi Will,

thanks for this great device!

Is it possible to add a parameter that defines, after how many steps the sequence restarts (the randomizer is resetted internaly)?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I've updated the device to repeat up to 255 steps for a user-defined seed.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I've updated the device to repeat up to 255 steps for a user-defined seed.

Hi Will, wow that was really a quick update! :-D
But it seams that the sequence doesn't repeat after x steps... !?

I had a bit of trouble getting the sequence to stay in the same octaves each time, as the RNG range for the octave selector changes with each note it seems to mess up the sequence, so the notes should be the same each time, they'll just be in different octaves, unless you limit the range to one octave.
Fixing this will require changing a few things around, but it's doable.
Also make sure that you have a non-zero value for the seed, because when the seed is 0 the sequence cannot be repeated.

Hi Will - Really linking this device a lot. Had one small request; can you set it to go slower than 1.00hz? I am doing some very slow ambient music and it would be great to have smaller values available. I find that when LIVE is set to like 30BPM and it is synced I don't get notes being triggered. Thanks for your excellent work.

Thanks Drewskee!
Sure thing, I'll extend the range of the rate in Hz and add multiple bar times in the next update, once I've fixed some issues with the repeat setting. I believe Live has a device which can extend note lengths so that probably doesn't need changing.
For the moment, the issue of notes not always being triggered can probably be fixed by switching the probability mode from absolute to relative, as a new note is triggered at every step in this mode. If you were already using relative mode, then I had better figure out what's broken!

Hi man, just wanted to say thanks so much for making this device - it is exactly what I was looking for. Just a tip for others: if you set this device in an empty midi channel (e.g. 1) you can then set it as an input for another instrument, allowing you to record the output as editable midi. Good if what you're getting is a bit TOO random!



Great device. Thank you for this. A few minor features could be added:
- MIDI tru toggle. It's great to mix random hits from this device with a MIDI pattern in a clip. Great esp with drums.
- Visual update of scale notes also when the scale is changed (AFAICT highlighted notes change only if the key is changed). Perhaps this could be done so the current values are preserved instead of maxed-out on change
- An additional visual indication of which notes are "hit" by the random assignment even when they are not played (because weight is too low). It is indeed not obvious which notes are picked by the random assignment which IMO is nice to see.

Anyway, great stuff - really enjoying it

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