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Name/Version: NYLON Chord Generator 1.1
Author: cvolm  
Description: Nylon is a chord generator that emulates chord strokes of a guitar. Play up to 6 strings per chord, add dynamics by controlling stroke speed, acceleration and velocity, and humanize each stroke by adding randomness.

- Control the stroke speed
- Accelerate or decelerate the stroke speed with exponential or logarithmic curve
- Define the increase or decrease of velocity during a chord
- Add randomness to humanize strokes
- Visual representation of chord settings
- Define up to four different chord types and arrange them in an 8-step pattern

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Downloads: 13522
Tags effect, utility, other, hardware
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Dec 16 2016 11:51:13
Date Last Updated: Jan 08 2019 15:44:44
Average Rating (11) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Nylon.amxd


WOW. This thing is awesome. Sending midi to my 0-coast. Thank You for this!

Second that... Excellent work cvolm.

Thanks guys, glad you're having fun with it.

Thanks for sharing, wonderful work, clean easy to use S+

I just wanted to say thanks, oh and all of the above. Really looking forward to your next device.

I was looking for a device to emulate keystrokes. In this manner your device does a great job, but I'd like to send in chords on my own, rather than define them. Great stuff would be to generate keystroke from sent in triads and store different types of keystrokes in your pattern memory rather than different chords. In this manner playability would increase much.


Great device.
Like a previous poster i would like to send in my own chords and then have the device emulate keystrokes with that. Can you add such a function?

Hey zeep, sending in your own chords and then transforming it into a guitar stroke sure is a good idea. It would be easy to implement for prearranged Midi input, where all chord notes arrive at the same time and can then be distributed in time. But for live performance ? realtime playing of chords from a keyboard ? this is much harder to achieve: Each chord note will arrive with a natural delay, due to human imperfection of hitting the keys at exactly the same time. Output of a guitar stroke however can only be started once the complete chord is there, so the device has to wait for a certain amount of time to collect all the notes. This will introduce latency and make live playing pretty annoying I would assume. But I'll think about it, maybe there is some solution with passing the first note directly and only holding back the following ones...

Hi Cvolm, yes you are absolutely right. Personally i would not use it live!
Like you said, i have quantized midi chords in my project, and i would like to insert NYLON Chord Generator to use the stroking effect.

If it is not too much trouble for you i would love to use that function!

Hey Cvolm!

I've been working with this plugin non-stop and its by far one of the best devices ive found. Just like the people above though, i thought of a few things that would make the device even better/things im dying to be able to do. The first would be to be able to strum down as well as up. The second would be for the device to accept incoming midi chords being played and turn them into a strum. I'm not sure how difficult either of these additions are, but I thought i'd give you my 2 cents. Thank you for making it btw!

quantized Midi of course, like you stated above im sure a live input wouldn't be a good idea.

Fantastic device! Well done!

WOW!. This is a stunning piece of kit. Love it!

I love how clean this device is and how well it works, and the visualisation of the notes on the left. I also would love a version that accepts incoming MIDI chords such as from Ableton's Chord device or from the Cthulu VST. I've been searching all day and can't find anything that does this well, would be happy to pay for it if you end up making it.

Hey, so I made a mod of this that does what a few people have asked for, applying the strum effect to external MIDI chords.

Found here:

Thanks for this device cvolm, I hope me uploading this mod is ok with you, let me know if you want me to take it down.

Hello Help! I am new to Ableton. I downloaded this as it sounds like it's exactly what I need. It is showing that it's playing in my midi, but I cannot hear it. Any suggestions? All my other tracks are playing fine. This I can see it showing 'volume' in the program, but it 's not making any noise. Anyone know what I should do differently? Thank you!

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