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Name/Version: ehDirtDelay 1.04
Author: ErnstHot  
Description: ehDirtDelay has a number of unusual if not novel features:

Outside the feedback loop:
- A pre-delay for expanded rhythmic potential.
- Two syncable LFOs with per stereo channel phase settings.

In the feedback loop:
- Unipolar amplitude modulation, for adding dirt, noise and glitch.
- A basic reverb for diffusing the signal or "metalizing" it.
- Three choices for overdrive / distortion.
- Samplerate / bitdepth reduction.

Convenient signal routing options:
- Stereo or mono input.
- Mute left or right input.
- Swap left and right input.
- Feedback stereo balance.
- Invert feedback phase.

Click the question mark to view a diagram of the signal path.

Audio examples here:


Update v1.04:
- Bugfix: Tempo now correctly follows Ableton Live.
- Moved away from including version number in filename

Update v1.03:
- Feature: You can now link the left and right delay times.
- Bugfix: The polarity of the balance knob was inverted.

Update v1.02:
- Bugfix: The left and right output channels were swapped.

Update v1.01:
- Feature: Delay time selection updated to allow for more flexibility.

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Downloads: 1306
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 9.7.4
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Nov 07 2016 02:29:13
Date Last Updated: Sep 04 2017 15:32:16
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Device File: ehDirtDelay.amxd


certified crazy good.
I am a delay junkie and approve this message ;]

seriously awesome work. Thanks so much for this, ErnstHot!

Thanks a lot for sharing, absolutely amazing, I love it on first try!

Thank you blortblort and Anivia :)

You can imagine how I'm tuning out today: yes, this is a ver generous device. I almost always get on here for feedback and questions, but really this is a pleasure straight out of the box, exclusively for studio production.
Muting 1 channel along with the Stereo/Crossover onto a single macro offers that conversion to ping-pong delay, as you suggested in the instructions. Easy Peasy

Like the STOP function. I wonder if a separate device with a simple passthrough along with clip recording function could be made to record via Resampling on a per track basis while retaining effect tails. Maybe it could function with the Clip slot stop button rather than the transport, such that resampling with tails could be accomplished without stopping the transport? Hmmmm

Hola soy nuevo descarga de tu pluig es gratis...hay algo de espa?ol en todo esto?? Gracias por adelantado.

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