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Name | Version: FRETpad 1.0
Author: zealtv
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: FRETpad remaps the Novation Launchpads user 1 mode to mimic a guitar or bass fretboard. The X axis steps up in semitones, the Y axis steps up in 4ths.

This makes it it easy to play melodic lines or chords and generally play the launchpad as an instrument.

Create a new MIDI track and instrument
Select Launchpad as MIDI in
Drop FRETpad ahead of the instrument
Select User 1 on the Launchpad

FRETpad has only one control for pitch.

A feature I want to incorporate is fretmarkers in the form of lit up pads. I've made a start inside the patch but need help and encourage anyone keen to jump in and hack away.

Video demoing the FRETpad and some launchpad MIDI tricks here:


Live Version Used: 8.1.4
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Aug 28 2010 08:50:53
Date Last Updated: Aug 29 2010 03:58:23
Downloads: 1929
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: FRETpad.amxd


This is great, though I'm having trouble where midi notes seem to be getting stuck and playing constantly. Is this the device or my set up.

Nice work 5*
@domtak it's not a problem i've experienced... There is a stuck note stopper built in to the patch using the flush object which should be doing the trick. what's your set up?

small and ultra efficient, great work
cool device!

But if it was possible to alter the transposition rate between the rows it would be even cooler.

(being a bass/guitarplayer, it would be awesome to make them fit to a standard EADG tuning. )
perhaps just a version with this tuning (it it aint too much of a hassle)

... but then again that how it works already.

just me posting a comment prior to fiddling with the device.

Thanx a lot for this thing, just what i was looking for ;)
@ Johan If you set the bottom left note to an E then it will be tuned like a bass or guitar. It won't adjust for a B string like standard guitar tuning though, it will just keep going up in fourth as in "all fourths" tuning.
great device, really useful for me! I made me a rack with my upright bass preset, tuned to bottom left E and have that handy for playing basslines.
I discovered FRETpad recently and it totally changed my way of working with the Launchpad. For me, it's the most useful M4L device I've ever seen. That device rocks so much that I wanted to push the awesomeness even further and I eventually made my own version, with velocity/hold/modulation/pitchbend expression capabilities and the ability to switch to a standard guitar tuning, called SquareGuitar ( Even though I'm using my version now, FRETpad will always remain in my heart as THE way to free us, guitar players, from the supremacy of keyboards ;).

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