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Member since: Sep 18 2010
About herrmutt: Herrmutt Lobby is a collective of electronic musicians, handymen and programmers.

real time and retroaction
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Devices by herrmutt

pass by beta Version 0.2
Pitch bend ratio Version 2
fretpad 3rd Version 1.1
open tuning lauchpad beta Version 0.1
Beat Fader Version 3.7
counter lobby Version 2.0
counter sender Version 2.0
JoystickMatrix Version 0.6
chord splitter Version 0.5
splitter receiver Version 0.5
Counter Version 3.5.7
HLO Counter Version 2.5

Total Downloads: 14,625

Comments by herrmutt


pedal must be integrated. i add it to the todo list on github

thank you
lot of stuff out soon :)

Wo, dope device. Looking forward for more loke that

hello st

thank you. all theses devices come from our live setup.
we are from belgium :) herrmutt is a reference to marcel duchamp

im not sure to understand what you mean

crossing a control point induce a note.
very fast move at hih # of control points sometimes forgot notes

now easier to understand, gui updated

i enjoy a lot that you understand wht this simple device is !
It seems i have to work on gui and description ;)

thank you


saving table values only work if i use only one device by session.
exept this its a great device.

yo modulo0

it works fine now

dope !

have the same plugin idea !
dam i thcek this

yo simplicissimus

its great if you like it!!
after some use, tel me if you have some ideas to improve it...

updatefor demo

velocity control (depending spedd) on sound 1 (kik or kik+cymb)

tutorial for beatfader and counter (als file)

some notes are not triggered if you play really fast. must be fixed soon.

any ideas to improve it?

if you consider this list for "regular output" :

C1 D2 G4 F0

with the mod 12 you get:

C1 D1 G1 F

i use modulo mode to keep in one octave the bass-line extracted from my chords.

on trak one, put fret3rd in regular mode + operator (poly)

on trak 2 a fret3rd in mod12 mode folowed by your great Midi-Mono-ddg.mono in LO mode. + operator + gate.

on trak 3 a fret3rd in mod12 mode folowed by Midi-Mono-ddg.mono il HI mode + operator + gate.

open the two gates by different drums side-chaining.

ps: delaying side chain signal is dope.


small and ultra efficient, great work