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Name/Version: FM-OP4 1.0
Author: dric  
Description: Hello,

OP-4 is back! :)
Some troubles with the freezing function on first version.. (thanks to kleine which avert me!). Normally now it work.
This allowed me to add some improvements.

OP-4 is Four operators FM synth. There are modulation in depth, modulation out depth for each Operators. Only Operator 1 is out, the others operator is just for modulate.

There are 8 pre-routings for operators comonly used for Fm synthesis, but with the matrix you can more than the eight pre-routings.

Remember, if you use your own routing rather than the 8 pre-routings you need push the button "custom routing" ON otherwise the routing is not save with your set live.
may be It would be better save presets before close set.

There are two filters in series, one is Lowpass Filter which go in an multi modes filter.

There are eight modulations with five sources and nineteen targets.

The modulations sources are two AD envelopes and three LFOs.

The LFOs cand be sync or hz, it can be reset with new note. it can be one shoot and you can define the number of cycle that are repeat.

There are one ADSR dedicated to the Amp.
You can define curve for each enveloppe (1=linear less than 1=log, greather than 1=exp)

There are function portamento.

For envelopes: if notes is overlaped or without space between each, it is considered like one note.

the preset box can be driven with cc3.
Save preset on hhd before close your set

if you test it, please tell me if the patch can be loaded without issue.
Normally i checked this and is good, but i've doubt with freezing.

thanks by advance

PS: i've make an little track with only OP-4 like sound generator.
You can hear some possibilities of this little synth. the kick is.. little bit opressive for some of my friends sorry by advance :)
and sorry for my english!

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Downloads: 2482
Tags synth, lfo
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 26 2016 13:24:33
Date Last Updated: Aug 26 2016 14:50:08
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: FM-OP4.amxd


Hi, I'd like to try this out, but whenever I download I get a 4kb file that wont load in Ableton. It goes in my user library but not the "Max For Live" library, and I cant add to any tracks. I've noticed I get the same problem with all the downloads on this site now (never used to have this problem). Anyone else having that problem?

Hi, you have max Installed correctly?

Hi I got it worked out, just a problem with the downloading itself. I'm not too skilled at FM synthesis but I'm enjoying learning with your device, nicely laid out and the routing matrix is very cool. thanks!

Ok cool, :) one time i had a doubt on my device.
Yeah matrix is cool object, it is well suited for the synthesis fm.

Judging from the demo sounds this sounds more interesting than Operator to me. I have to try this one even though all MFL synths have let me down so far, including the offerings from Ableton that all are thin and digital in the wrong way as I hear them.

Hi, I have standalone Max but I can still use M4L patches but sometimes I run into error messages. Also, I'm just starting out so a beginner. :D

I am getting this error when patching up this M4L device. Any ideas of how to fix this error? It's sound great in Ableton 10 (I have trial version only :( ).

"gen could not find gen patcher rampsmooth.dsp" comes up in the console.

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