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Name/Version: r-chain III 3.0
Author: rdm  
Description: Afterall r-chain-dm 2.0 was to lousy for updates. This is a complete makeover.
Usage is still the same. Drop r-chain inside the Audio Track you want to use as modulation source. Select Device, Parameters. Make your settings.

whats new?
* Output values are now scaled properly. No matter if your parameter ranges from 0 - 1, 0 - 127 or 9.1231 to 123.442... r-chain knows.
* "sense" slider works like a gate. if you lower the slider (sensitivity) modulation will only occur if the velocity is higher then a specific point.
* input filter. use / strip out a spefific frequency range as modulation source.
* "Ramp Attack" this will smooth your modulation output. Values won't change as sudden as they did before.
* "xtremenesss". Adds a little more punch to the output.

* might be obvious but.. if you raise the ramp attack it is much likely that your modulation output wont reach its max value before new sound will retrigger the envelope. xtremness does the trick!
* well i cant think of anything else right now.
* Questions? Problems? Bugs? Contact me or deal with it.

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Downloads: 2693
Tags effect, glitch
Live Version Used: 8.1.3
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Aug 08 2010 16:23:45
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: r-chain III.amxd


Sweet! Nice update there.
If I have to say one thing I do miss is to have the ability to choose track nr. If you have 100 plugs up and running it can be a nightmare. Though this is something I miss for a number of devices i guess :)
Thanks for a great device!!!

@ mingus

i know man!
this was one thing i wanted to add, but i dont know how to get the track id's in a umenu :(

an invert button to invert the min and max value so that the modulation work in reverse would be great. I was wondering also if a lighter version of you're pluggin, that can modify only 1 parameter instead of 4, would use less cpu. Anyway, great pluggin, I use it a lot!


@ vodoux

to invert modulation, make min larger than max.

first, thx for your work.
But i got a pb with the both
r-chain 3.0 or 2.0.
I can only select the device in the firs
t scroll down box.
The other box (parameter) is always white
with nothing inside.
Could you help me please ?
Thx a lot in danw

Thx a lot in advance ! Lol

great device! is there a way that this automation is recorded and editable in the arrangement view?

many thanks!

Having the same problem as pokem. Using Live 8.2.2, OSX 10.5.8. If I test the device in a new blank session it seems to work fine. If I try to use it in an existing session when I select a plugin to modulate no device parameters appear. Also sometimes after I refresh the device list I get duplicates of certain devices. No device parameters appear for any device selected.

I have hacked the patch and am using M4L.api.chooser instead of M4L.api.SelectDevice, seems to be working ok so far.

I'm having the same issue as Pokem, but in many new max4Live patches, has anyone found a fix

where did you hack the patch Razzkazz? I havent been able to find it in the patch yet

Here is a link to a modified version of the above device, that works better.

Updated link to modified version

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