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Name | Version: Selected Track 1.2
Author: mothergarage
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Displays the channel strip of the currently selected track in a floating window.

Map its parameters to a controller.

V1.1: Added buttons for Arm, Previous and Next Track. Added Indicator if the selected track is an audio or MIDI track. GUI updates.

V1.2: Added Solo button. You now can lock the device to a track, so it stops following the selected track. GUI updates.

Updated version 1.3 found here:


Live Version Used: 9.7.5
Max Version Used: 7.2.2
Date Added: May 01 2016 14:32:26
Date Last Updated: Feb 02 2018 08:05:07
Downloads: 758
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: Selected Track V1.2.amxd


I think this is a great add on ... thank you ...
you can close your track info to see more clips ... and the selected track is hanging next to the ableton window ... Great really love this

would be awesome if you could add a second one and lock it to another track for my dj setup ...

Great device super useful. I was just wondering if the meter correlates to the RMS or Peak meter inside of Live. I make samples and sounds for work and need to be precise with my levels. I wanted to add labels but wanted to place them in the right spot.

Great work!
@desved: You can already do that. Load one instance and lcok it to tone track. then load another instance and lock it to another track or let it follow you around.

@rythmhead: According to the LOM (

"Smoothed momentary peak value of left channel output meter, 0.0 to 1.0. For tracks with audio output only. This value corresponds to the meters shown in Live."
great device, but little bug report:

on OSX:
if your have a rotated screen that is 'higher' than your "main screen" (the one with the menue bar in the screens preferences)
-> the Selected Track Window shows up too high and you cannot reach the Top Bar to move it.

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