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Name/Version: Arpeggio Designer 1.4
Author: svankov  
Description: Arpeggio Designer is an advanced real-time MIDI processor that combines an arpeggiator and a sequencer to give you total control over crafting detailed mono or polyphonic phrases from your chord input:

- Each note in the held chord gets its own sequencer lane, with velocity and duration per step.
- 32 available preset slots, and a collection of included patterns to get you started quickly.
- Built-in input quantizer

Video Demo:

Compatible with Live 9/10/11.

Arpeggio Designer can be linked to our Apollo Chord Designer device as a great way to kickstart musical ideas by associating a different mono or polyphonic phrase with each chord.

V1.4 Update:

- Preset selection can now be automated.
- New Play mode; sequence can now run as Loop or One Shot
- New Legato duration button, which will sustain a step until the next step instead of using static step durations
- New Retrigger / Continue option: sequence can now retrigger from beginning on new chords, or continue when playing a different chord quickly (tolerance window is adjustable)
- Improved Input Quantization function


Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 6.1.10
Date Added: Mar 25 2016 20:02:41
Date Last Updated: Feb 28 2021 20:49:33
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


This functionality is exactly what I was looking for, but it seems to cut out every once in a while. Is this a bug?

The link is not working

@Mprod Link works here.

Ok got it to work, it was a security thing from my browser. I bought it and it is an excellent device, I really love it and have made some great sounding riffs with it.
My wish list would be: (some would mean a different layout that either does not fit the standard detail view height or a wider layout):

- On off button per step
- Octave switch (one up, one down) per step
- More pitch steps = a higher/scrollable grid similar to drum rack (I love playing with big wide, chords progressions, deadmau5/bodzin style)
- Probability per step
- 64 steps option
- Finer adjustments of the velocity / step length
- an additional mappable parameter row


Glad to hear you're enjoying the device! Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into these for the next update.

1.3 update now available:

The new Link feature allows you to link sequence presets in Arpeggio Designer to triggered chord slots our Apollo Chord Designer device, enabling you to create expressive monophonic and polyphonic phrases. Link can also be used with multiple Arpeggio Designer devices on different channels, allowing you to trigger multiple instrument phrases from a single instance of Apollo Chord Designer.

Short demo here:

Hopefully on the next update insert a free rate as option?

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