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Name/Version: Electribe ES1 Full Kontrol 1.25
Author: okan  
Description: This is a midi control patch for Korg Electribe Es-1, you can control and give automation to all es-1 parameters including delay and effect section.

You need to run this patch together with Midiox and a virtual midi port utility like Midiyoke or LoopBe1 (one i use).

Es-1 accepts only NRPN midi messages. The output of this ableton midi control device should be sent to Midiox over a virtual midi port (ch.11). Midiox maps that incoming CC's to NRPN messages that is assigned to es1 parameters. These NRPN's are sent to ES1 over a real midi cable.

I have also a file for Midiox, you have to own this file to run this device. Open up that patch and then choose your own midi ports in the port routing menu.

Thanks cooptrol for the idea.

my midiox file:


loopbe virtual midi port:

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Downloads: 929
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.1.3
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Date Added: Jun 28 2010 06:03:08
Date Last Updated: Jun 28 2010 06:10:57
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

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Device File: Electribe_ES-1_Full_Kontrol.amxd


Sweet! Be sick if someone made one for the EMX-1!

i got one for emx but in maxmsp. i will copy it into m4l soon. there are some drunky data generators and LFO's which can modulate any emx parameters
looks like this:

Cool!! Too bad I sold my ES1... Glad to have contributed!

w0w, is there some midi-0x for Mac users?

I second the call for an EMX version. Such a tool would be awesome since I already sequence the EMX via ableton.

you can made this one for the ESX? ;-)

im on doing one for emx. sorry i dont have esx.

the esx and emx would be the same, the emx jsut have 5 melodic parts on 5 channels instead of 2 on the ESX, all nrpn are the same on channel 10(drums pads) so it should work

i'd really like if this patch would work on a mac without having to rely on a 3rd party pc only soft

yeah thx! i want make one for me but with this i'm in hollidays :)

Does anyone have the midiox file?
Link is dead...


i would like to have the file, too. anybody, please!?

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