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just FYI, the "change" parameter is not retained on save, so you cant use that as a midi cc converter unfortunately

hi Oisin, is there a way to re up the corrected device as the link is dead now and i cant compile it from max4live as it seems to need the full max which i dont have (yet)

is there a way to make the exact reverse ie taking midi program changes (and banks) and convert it to notes to ultimately call scenes from my electribe?

is it possible to do the exact opposite, i really suck at programming in max and i need something that would take program changes (plus sub bank) from my electribe and convert it to midi notes to call up scenes in live
is it feasible?

the esx and emx would be the same, the emx jsut have 5 melodic parts on 5 channels instead of 2 on the ESX, all nrpn are the same on channel 10(drums pads) so it should work

i'd really like if this patch would work on a mac without having to rely on a 3rd party pc only soft