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Name/Version: Microsonic FM 1.1
Author: bencarey  
Description: ***Added in v1.1:

Filter Envelope
Key Following
Changes to range of Carrier/Mod blur
UI changes

Microsonic FM is a polyphonic granular synthesiser, based on quasi-synchronous granular synthesis techniques. It's capable of creating anything from sparse and bubbling textures to lush, warm pads:

In contrast to sample-based granulators, each grain in Microsonic FM is synthesised using the technique of Frequency Modulation. FM-based granular synthesis was used in Barry Truax's original digital implementation of granular synthesis, as heard in his famous piece 'Riverrun'.

The device allows access to all typical parameters available in FM synthesis such as Modulation Ratio, Modulation Index etc. However, as these are applied per grain, controls are provided to apply randomised variations per grain, enabling the creation of extremely dense and complex textures. The synth is also polyphonic in the traditional sense, allowing playback of up to 8 grainstreams simultaneously.

The Window Function control has been adapted from Robert Henke's much loved Granulator device, and a fantastic Moog-style ladder filter (now with Key Following and Envelope) has been implemented courtesy of Peter McColluch's PM.ladder~ external.

This is the first release of this synth, so comments and suggestions welcome. It is not the most efficient on CPU usage. When I have the time I would like to rebuild the synth voices entirely in gen~. I'll leave that for another day!

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Downloads: 3237
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.0.6
Date Added: Nov 22 2015 21:47:39
Date Last Updated: Nov 26 2015 23:42:18
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Device File: Microsonic FM.amxd


Amazing little granular synth! Different, and fresh. So many granular synths are sample based, so it's really nice to use something a bit different. Well done, love it.

Regarding suggestions, how about applying the filter per grain instead of having the filter at the end of the chain, therefore colouring the overall sound equally? Filtering per grain would open even more doors to creativity, especially if you have a random parameter. Each grain having their own filtering... The granular tool in AudioMulch is working that way. Very fun and creative.

Thanks again for this great device!

Fantastic sound! I have a suggestion for the pitch blur knobs for modulator and carrier: perhaps 2 "quantization" knobs and 2 "ratio" knobs that pulls carrier/mod pitch towards a ratio multiple of base frequency. This could open possibility for some interesting shifting timbres that are less exposed to becoming purely atonal.

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback!

@NeonBreath. Good point, I actually tried this in my original implementation. This would definitely be preferable, however the internal synth engine needs to run up to 80 individual voices, and the way I've implemented this there would be a large spike in CPU with a filter object in each voice. I'm holding out for a gen~ re-write before putting this in. I think I'll add further options for filtering including a larger cutoff range, plus an envelope option. Cheers for the comment!

@andrewbrewer Cheers! Yes, the ratio knobs need some tweaking. Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds like a good idea. First off I think the 'blur' knobs are too wild.. maybe having a fine-tune to add proper blur, and then a wilder one too. The modulation knob is based on multiples of the fundamental, but a quantised version might be nice (I guess I just assumed this could be manually set, 6, 7, 8 etc.). Thanks!

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