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Hi guys, thanks for the feedback!

@NeonBreath. Good point, I actually tried this in my original implementation. This would definitely be preferable, however the internal synth engine needs to run up to 80 individual voices, and the way I've implemented this there would be a large spike in CPU with a filter object in each voice. I'm holding out for a gen~ re-write before putting this in. I think I'll add further options for filtering including a larger cutoff range, plus an envelope option. Cheers for the comment!

@andrewbrewer Cheers! Yes, the ratio knobs need some tweaking. Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds like a good idea. First off I think the 'blur' knobs are too wild.. maybe having a fine-tune to add proper blur, and then a wilder one too. The modulation knob is based on multiples of the fundamental, but a quantised version might be nice (I guess I just assumed this could be manually set, 6, 7, 8 etc.). Thanks!

Hi Tarcason...

Sorry for the delayed reply - it doesn't seem there's any notifications sent when a comment is posted. There may be a few loose ends in the patch that cause this issue but I haven't had time to hunt them down. Have you been experiencing it regularly? One thing I've noticed is that sometimes the ADSR values get reset to 0 upon reload - especially after a crash. This means you won't hear anything and need to reset them. Contact me via email if you're still having problems

contact | at | bencarey | dot | net


Hi sreardon,

Not sure what you mean, it's not a sequencer but a sampler instrument. You sure you're commenting on the right device? ;-)


Thanks guys. Good idea madlab, let me know if that works for you. The minimum and max of each dial is obviously scaled depending on the size of the loaded sample - so I may end up setting a minimum for the scaling itself rather than the dial. Thanks for the feedback!