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Name | Version: eb.TouchStrip Crossfader 1.0
Author: dataf1ow
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Just a simple device that takes the Push/Push2 TouchStrip to the Crossfader in Live.
It'll post a few errors on initialization. Nothing to worry about ;)


Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.0.6
Date Added: Nov 13 2015 15:54:22
Date Last Updated: Nov 15 2015 11:14:32
Downloads: 4310
License: None
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Device File: eb.TouchStrip_Crossfader.amxd


That's just what I wanted, thank you sir!
Your welcome!
I'd like to be able to map the second (record) footswitch to start/stop or Tap tempo.... Would this be something you'd be interested in programming? Otherwise I'll have a go at it based on your initial file (if that's cool with you) and post the results if/when I successfully complete it.
Thanks, works great with Push 1!
This doesn't work for me. Every time I activate it the crossfader snaps back to the left side.
Amazing device! It will be more useful if the main button will mappable.
For me for live performance sometimes important to use touch strip as pitch & sometimes as crossfade. Now I use for crossfade touch strip Arsenal functionality, but it is not very useful. If the main button of this device could be mappable it will be great for mapping to touchosc for example and use switching between touch strip function within jamming. Thank's for sharing!
Is there a text file on where to place the thing?
I dragged it onto the audio FX lane of 'master'.
Not clear where to put it.
Also, what mode is the push2 supposed to be in, user?
Does the 'fader' snap back or does it stay put?

Thanks for the work, but I'm completely clueless on how to set it up.
Game Changer... Thank you so much!!!
Desperately needed functionality that I can't believe Ableton skipped over
Can the order be changed... i.e. Channel A being at the top instead of B?
@conec Yessir, quite easy to invert the range.

Cool device!
And very handy.
I took the liberty to give it an update:
i give up :-) Where exactly would those changes be made? Not a programmer, per se. Any guidance you could pass along would be much appreciated. Can email me directly, if better...
OCH, not sure what enhancements you made. I just see the map options, which im unable to invoke. Seems to be greyed out. Any release notes??

By default it behaves like original version.
But if you click "crossfade" button it will turn into "custom" and allow you to map this to any other mappable live parameter.

Also, I am just now seeing your request from earlier this year. I can add that crossfade reverse feature.

Here try this one:
Ahhh... Thank you so much!!!
hmm... doesn't see to be working. Crossfader cursor is stuck in the middle and won't budge

not sure if this helps, but this would also be for an audio track
There was an error in there. Sorrty.
I've re-uppladed. same link
So far things are working well! Thanks for the follow up !!
I love this device and the other users updates. Any chance of an update for Push 3?
Happy to work on updates for push 3, on this and other devices. if anyone is able to send me a push 3 😀
Perhaps I could Discord with you and you could tell me how to get the control names out of the device?
Wow, didn’t realize this has been so active. Just got a push3 so I’ll work on an update for this in the next few days
Hey would an update for push 3 be possible? That would be insane!
This doesn't seem to be working with Ableton 12 any more :( Is there a way to update custom M4L devices for A12?

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