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About nailmusic: Ableton User - almost, I would say, a "power" user. Jazz Pianist/Synthesist/Composer, sound design, production etc.
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Wow... works as expected - exactly what's needed

OMG - Yes please

Yes - but the change octaves/ranges etc all at once requires multiple MIDI utilities - Chain selector, Octave, etc. This looks like an easy (easier?) way to create complex zone setups.... gonna check it out

I'd like to be able to map the second (record) footswitch to start/stop or Tap tempo.... Would this be something you'd be interested in programming? Otherwise I'll have a go at it based on your initial file (if that's cool with you) and post the results if/when I successfully complete it.

Thanks for posting this. It promises to solve a lot of problems in my multi keyboard live rig. Q: when a switch is "on", is the associated filter engaged or allowing pass thru? Will be testing later today.