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Name/Version: APC40 Stop Button Lights 1.0
Author: tomoram  
Description: This is my first Max patch so would love any feedback on how I could improve it.

All this patch does is makes the Clip Stop buttons light up if there are playing clips in the track. I can't help but feel this is how the APC40 should work as standard because you never know what stop buttons to hit if you scroll down to a place where the clips which are active aren't visible on the APC button matrix.

To use this patch simply load it up on an empty midi track and select your APC40 controller and away you go.

The one shortcut I took with this patch it that I poll for the track offset every 200ms rather than tracking changes, the reason for this is sadly it seems you can't observe the offsets of the red box so the alternative would be to observe every button which could change the focus of the red box and to be honest I just can't be bothered to do that right now. Maybe in the future ;-)

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Downloads: 1188
Tags utility, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 8.1.3
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Date Added: Jun 26 2010 20:15:12
Date Last Updated: Jun 26 2010 20:18:50
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Stop Buttons.amxd


hah. Good idea. I have had the same wish with my APC40

Hi Mate,

Hope you don't mind but i've done the bits on the observing the bank select buttons, left and right as these are the only ways of changing the redbox focus....

And i've removed the send and receive objects, i've found they're great when building but they take up extra size and cpu when you could just patch directly, i should really colour code more stuff!!

Anyways it's in the dropbox if you want to use the modifications, awesome first patch by the way!!


Ah nice one, I've just seen the file in the dropbox (I was quite surpirsed as I didn't expect anyone to actually download this hehe.

I've had a bit of a play with the version you have upload and while I think monitoring the buttons is the better way to do it I've found it still needs some work because.

1) The left & right buttons work fine but the lights seem to go out when you press the up & down buttons, some default functionality kicking in I guess. It'll be easy enough to add the tracking of the up & down buttons in there too.

2) Pressing the shift key and adjusting the red box position with the Button Matrix also moves the red box (if you have more than 8 tracks of course). I guess I could just trap a release of the shift key for that.

But yeah on the whole I think that's the better approach, I'll have a bit of a tinker and upload a new version soon.

Controls 3 and 4 are up and down, i've always found the shift button to be a bit of a pain in the past because of the way it flushes things through.....

If you observe the shift key off state you may need a slight delay before sending the bang through?


Ah ok, should be simple enough to fix up then.

Interesting about the shift keey, I'll try experimenting with delays if it gives me problems.

very good and an "why didn't we think of that in the first place" utility.
very useful on a piece of equipement that is all about feedback! thanxchz!

Nice, but doesn't collapse when in group tracks.

could you make the other version public pls?

This was a great Idea If it weren't for the fact that i have already relocated my stop clip buttons to the record button and re-mapped the stop clips to bass kills which show me when the kill are on or off. My main question is how do you get into the Apc and edit when and why lights come on i would love a patch that would allow me to do this and seems like you are the right path to making this dream of mine a reality. please
e-mail me @
Keep up the great work.
Best regards

I use two apc 40 but it works only on one Apc..
can you fix that prbblem i love this little device ., its so helpfull in the night when Iam drunk and it hot and the music is loud.

mfg j3H

Hi, this is great!!

Is there a way you can have the stop lights red instead of green? Red = Stop to most people & it would also help distinguish the stop buttons from the green matrix buttons.

Thanks, PP.

The stop lights of the APC40 only have green LED's so this is sadly impossible...


nice. would be even better if it worked in audio tracks too :)

great device!..but, whe use it with oters, like isotoniks, etc, the device lost focus con apc40 ( dont show as selected ) and dont work.. is there a way to solve this? is a very useful device..

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