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APC40 Stop Button Lights Version 1.0
APC40 View Recall Version 1.0

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Ah ok, should be simple enough to fix up then.

Interesting about the shift keey, I'll try experimenting with delays if it gives me problems.

Ah nice one, I've just seen the file in the dropbox (I was quite surpirsed as I didn't expect anyone to actually download this hehe.

I've had a bit of a play with the version you have upload and while I think monitoring the buttons is the better way to do it I've found it still needs some work because.

1) The left & right buttons work fine but the lights seem to go out when you press the up & down buttons, some default functionality kicking in I guess. It'll be easy enough to add the tracking of the up & down buttons in there too.

2) Pressing the shift key and adjusting the red box position with the Button Matrix also moves the red box (if you have more than 8 tracks of course). I guess I could just trap a release of the shift key for that.

But yeah on the whole I think that's the better approach, I'll have a bit of a tinker and upload a new version soon.