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Name/Version: Macrobs Minisuite 1.0
Author: floszk  
Description: Macrobs minisuite is a set of 28x custom macro knobs & sliders for Ableton Live. Just unlock then click Live’s parameters to create your custom mapping easily. Colors can be set for each button. The minisuite includes 16x on-track and 12x standalone devices, among which two specials dedicated to Analog and Operator synths.

Device location
Put the devices on any track.

Grip parameters + Midi mapping
Click the « Settings » button on the top-right area. Locking/Unlocking will appears for each knob or slider. Proceed one by one (IMPORTANT) :
1# unlock (the button turns green).
2# click any parameter somewhere on your live set (parameters can be those on other tracks).
3# Once gripped, the parameter’s name will appear.
4# Re-lock (button turns red).
5# Do the same sequence for each knob or slider.
Midi mapping : map the Ableton Live buttons (pink).

Reset parameters
Same way than gripping, but click on the button itself.

Colors / Customizing
Click the « Settings » button on the top-right area. Use the increment / decrem. button to choose the knob or slider you want to customize.
Typically from left to right, top to bottom. A « Block Menu » (B1 to Bn) may be available for numerous buttons versions. If so, buttons are selectable by Block then by increment.
# Choose the color.
# Change text color (black or white).
Note : Text area can be edited directly by
entering new text.
# Once a colored is chosen you can paste it on
the selected knob/slider.


A video about this device :

For more information please visit :


Device Details

Tags synth, utility, other, dj
Live Version Used: 9.0.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: Jul 01 2015 12:24:26
Date Last Updated: Feb 19 2020 17:51:00
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


this looks great. I put an idea similar to this for Lives suggestions, can't wait to try it.

thanks ! hope they'll hear you, a native (dynamical) version would be so great.

Hello, can a macro control multiple parameters? Are assigned parameters disabled for further assignment? (like in a normal macro) or doeus your device allows for example 2 diferent macros to access to one same parameter? (that's what I'm looking for).


let's say MB is my macro, M the ableton live native's macro, and P a parameter.
- One MB can grip only one P, or only one M.
- A second MB can grip P or M too, so they can be controled by different MB, etc...
- If P is assigned to M, MB can grip M but it can't grip P.
- One MB can grip another MB (just let the "set" button "On" to let the pink live dial appears, this one is grippable).
Hope it helps, let me know !

I'm having some issues with bugs in general. It doesn't seem to save my names or colors between project reloads and sometimes things that should be clickable aren't clickable.

Could it be an issue in using max 7?

Hello !

could you tell me for which macrobs ? Have you got some issues with the single one ? For this moment I didn't upgrade to max 7 but I'll do soon, I can't say but a priori there should not have big differences from 6 because the device gets parameters ids. Maybe you could send me an email to tell me more ? Let me know with more details :) : flo [at] szk . fr

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