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Devices by floszk

Random Notes Generator Version 1.0
Shaker Version 1.0
Henonsynth Version 1.0
Tweeker Version 1.0
Violens Fuzz Version 1.0
TweekerSteps Version 1.0
dB2linear Version 1.0
Pitch2Level Version 1.0
Impulse Selector Version 1.0
BPM Standalone Window Version 1.0
Simple Text Version 1.0
8 Notes Converter Version 1.1
Midi Loop Drawer Sequencer Version 1.0
Macrobs Minisuite Version 1.0
Dronepulse Version 1.0
Simple Scope Version 1.0
Henonmodules Version 1.0
LooperCentral Version 2.1
ScaleNotes Version 1.0
Gingerbread Synth Version 1.1
Audio2Synth Version 1.0
Simple Spectrum Version 1.0
Simple Frequency Version 1.0
Launchstep Version 1.0
GripNodes Version 1.0
Szk Chaos Pack Version 1.0
Midi Notes Redux Version 1.0
Andre 2057 Version 1.0
Harmono Tape Version 1.0
Monoglitch Version 1.0
Ultradoom Version 1.0
Henon Mini Version 1.0
Tempo Multiples Version 1.0
Pinkflood Version 1.0
Spectrogrrr Version 1.0
Ceremonie de Frequences Version 1.0
Lowgrips Version 1.0
Audio2Synth Version 2.0
Macrobs II Version 2.0
01HZ Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 3,028

Comments by floszk


hi ! last but not least, I'll check it this / next week (probably next) and I keep you in touch.
See ya :)

great ! thank you ;)


this is surprising, I notice downloads everyday from Sellfy without complaining and it works fine, the problem may comes from your browser and the Java/Flash behind.

If Sellfy doesn't work for you, you can try Gumroad instead :
• the page for Pitch2Level :
• the page for all our devices :

If you continue having troubleshoots, you can avoid these websites and send me an email at flo [at] szk [dot] fr and I will be glad to send you the device directly.

No false promises, only crap technique ;)

hi karrrlo,

thank you :)
feel free to contact me at flo [at] szk . fr for any need or suggestion, I'll be glad share with you

Hello !

could you tell me for which macrobs ? Have you got some issues with the single one ? For this moment I didn't upgrade to max 7 but I'll do soon, I can't say but a priori there should not have big differences from 6 because the device gets parameters ids. Maybe you could send me an email to tell me more ? Let me know with more details :) : flo [at] szk . fr


let's say MB is my macro, M the ableton live native's macro, and P a parameter.
- One MB can grip only one P, or only one M.
- A second MB can grip P or M too, so they can be controled by different MB, etc...
- If P is assigned to M, MB can grip M but it can't grip P.
- One MB can grip another MB (just let the "set" button "On" to let the pink live dial appears, this one is grippable).
Hope it helps, let me know !

Here is a short exploration of the famous piece Piano Phase from Steve Reich with 2 x devices

thanks ! hope they'll hear you, a native (dynamical) version would be so great.

Hello !

by length you mean "the note duration" ?
So yep, duration and velocity are picked up randomly into their respective ranges at each sequencer's step.
If you choose the same value for the min and max of a range, this will be a "fixed" value (no random).