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Name/Version: Waldorf Pulse 1 Controller w sysex update 3.4
Author: ummo  
Description: This is a controller for the Waldorf Pulse 1 synthesiser. The controls have been mapped to work with the Ableton Push 2 controller. it will work with sysex in Live 10 or above to pull the parameter values from the Pulse to the controller.

This is based upon the work of twistedspace at

V1. Added the Automap info.
V2. Added Program Change, Panic button and Arp sync. Moved some controls around. Changed some Short Names to make more sense on Push
V2.2 Added live.banks to control parameter view on Push 2, Tidied backend, Fixed wiring in mod matrix Fixed Filter Env cc issue
V2.3 Fixed hanging note issue
V3.1 renamed controls for live.banks, reordered controls
V3.2 Env2 track and trigger cc no.s switched, fixed sel object linked to arp tempo
V3.3 Fixed Scale objects, Delayed program change messages to avoid unusual behaviour, Trigger Controller Dump request on program change to update parameter controls
V3.4 Set Device ID to 127 (broadcast ID), Made Device ID configurable, Set initial program to 86 (cos I like it)


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Downloads: 901
Tags hardware, push
Live Version Used: 10.1.9
Max Version Used: 8.1.1
Date Added: Mar 17 2015 11:36:01
Date Last Updated: Mar 08 2020 14:17:30
Average Rating (4) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Waldorf Pulse Controller v3-4.amxd


this is a great device!
only funny thing i have going on is that - and it is probably due to my ignorance/overlooking something - every time i press the play button on the push to pause a playing sequence, the FlterEnv jumps to -64.
so when i press play again the patch sounds very different and i have to change the FlterEnv back to the original value or record an automation for it to do so. any idea why this could be happening? thanks!

Hi feindbild

Sorry for the very very late response! I just found that the ctlin for the filter envelope did not have a cc number specified, so would have been reacting to any cc number (such as the play button). I have added the cc number now to version 2.2

Hey thanks for the great device! Especially the "Trigger Controller Dump request on program change" is fantastic :-)

Do you know why anytime I change a preset Live starts recording? Doesn't matter if the program change is coming from the m4l device or from external.
Best, Markus

Hi Markus, thanks for reaching out

As discussed on Facebook I suspect this is caused by the sysex program change triggering something in your setup. Try disconnecting all your peripherals and see if this solves the issue. You can also try setting the device ID on your Pulse and matching this in the m4l device (this will be visible when you open the device in presentation mode in Max, towards the bottom of the window below the device GUI).

For anybody else as FYI: yes indeed it was the broadcast sysex ID. Once I changed this to a non-broadcast ID (in my case 33), everything was working fine ?
So thanks again for this great device!!

thank you for doing this, really appreciated

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