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this is a great device!
only funny thing i have going on is that - and it is probably due to my ignorance/overlooking something - every time i press the play button on the push to pause a playing sequence, the FlterEnv jumps to -64.
so when i press play again the patch sounds very different and i have to change the FlterEnv back to the original value or record an automation for it to do so. any idea why this could be happening? thanks!

ok, forget about the colors, that was me being stupid... changing the theme in live also changes the color apparently. sorry for that! thanks for the device!

know = knob in the comment above. can't edit...

thanks for making this.
one comment, on the esthetics: it doesn't look like the screen print on this page.
when shown in the device chain it looks like part of a stretched mopho and if you maximize the device and it pops up in a new window, the background is bright yellow and the letters are white, which makes it impossible to see which know you're turning.
on the push it seems to work fine though. but it would be nice to be able to read the labels of the knobs on the screen as well.