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Name/Version: RockBottom 3.3.1
Author: Namihei  
Description: RockBottom is similar to Automap for the un-supported controllers by using Live's MIDI map.
you can control all plug-in parameters with a few encoders or sliders.
also you can edit the orders of the plug-in mappings.
insert anywhere and group it

*custom mapping works only with same name of the device on the title bar.

plug-in parameters only,but more stable

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Downloads: 1389
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Apr 02 2010 02:03:39
Date Last Updated: Apr 15 2010 17:53:49
Average Rating (3) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: RockBottom3.3.1.amxd


I have a very similar patch in standby so it's very instructive to look at your work. Great device, beautifull outside and inside.

It works without problems when using the knobs with a mouse.
But with my uc33, when i assign a knob to a value of rockbottom often the move sync is lost, specially if i turn the knob fast. Then, with the pickup takeover mode, when i turn the uc33 knob over the value of the rockbottom it resync and work, but as before, if i turn fast it will lost another time the sync with the controller knob.

This looks very good! I do not fully understand where to put the "RockBottomText.txt" file? I'm on Mac where a .txt file demands some creativity and maybe this patch doesn't work on Mac? The patch looks good when freshly started but when moving through some tracks it gets grayed out. Very grateful if this is my own fault. Thankful for help of any kind.

you can set a file path easier in ver. 3.1.
open a patch editor then unlock presentation mode.

thank you, I will try v.3.1 and the unlocking. I actually already used it alot and it has become an necessity together with one of all my midi controllers, Livid Block. This patch is an absolute gem, a 5 rating, and thank you again from John.

Regarding midi-mapped knobs crazyness:
I've notice this same problem with other devices... all of them can be open in a "floating window" and the problem occurs only when they're open.
This might be a bug.

Love this device. I tried adding a Device On/Off toggle that I had put together for my own use. But it didnt quite work right. So, if you're taking requests... how about a toggle instead of a dial for the Device On/Off parameter. In fact, if you could put that toggle separate from the 8 dynamic dials (since every device has On/Off) then it wouldnt be taking up a dial spot in the first bank of each selected device. That would make your cool device even better IMO.... Thanks for the good work!!!

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