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@nils: the problem with the random function causing hung notes has been solved. Thank You! I like the device alot and had similar functionality using racks and a bunch of ableton devices, but this is much more elegant and easier to use.

Another issue you may want to address: When using the Random function (only "tested" this with the Major/minor random button), one must be careful to only play one note at a time. Playing more than one note at a time sometimes causes hung notes. Playing multiple notes while all Random buttons are disabled works well, no hung notes.

Thanks again for the device!

nice! one problem is that the random functions are triggered with note on and with note off, which is causing hung notes. I assume that is not intended behavior. Let me know if that is the intended behavior and I'll just modify the device to my tastes. Thanks for the device. Already creating a rack with a chord generator for every individual note. Then create TouchOSC template to control the rack.... fun!!

Love this device. I tried adding a Device On/Off toggle that I had put together for my own use. But it didnt quite work right. So, if you're taking requests... how about a toggle instead of a dial for the Device On/Off parameter. In fact, if you could put that toggle separate from the 8 dynamic dials (since every device has On/Off) then it wouldnt be taking up a dial spot in the first bank of each selected device. That would make your cool device even better IMO.... Thanks for the good work!!!