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Name/Version: Grains 1.0
Author: naskou  
Description: Granular synthesizer based on Brendan McCloskey's granular synthesis tutorial.

*** UPDATED .amx FILE ***
-update notes: - now works straight from fresh load, just drop audio sample and move offset pointer (red triangle).


Free - grains spray
Life - grains volume
Amp - output
Choice / Age - grain size (apply with button)
Jitter / Depth - offset LFO

Let me know, if it's not working.

Here's little tutorial how to use it (see annotations):

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Downloads: 5979
Tags synth, sampler, other
Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Oct 18 2014 04:35:36
Date Last Updated: Oct 19 2014 06:15:02
Average Rating (2) 4
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: ___nsk.grains.amxd


This doesn't make any sound for me. I loaded up a sample and I see it but nothing happens. I tried to play it like an instrument, like granulator but no sound. I'm not sure what's going on.

Yes, thank you for input. I know it's little confusing to use it. It one of my first bigger creations and there's lots of things to improve.

Here's the video:

hey, I'm wondering why you've renamed the granular parameters? "spray" is a bit more meaningful than "free" to me.

I think this is one of the main reasons it's confusing to people.

Hi. When I was building this device, I have not planed to post it here, so I choosed alternative names for parameters. I hope that this confusion brings happy accidents while people develop new sounds.

Thanks for this interesting grain device. It's pretty cool, even if some of the parameters are not very intuitive. I really hope you're going to improve it and upload more versions, it really has some potential for granular experiments. Few suggestion:

-having a random jitter. Right now we hear hear the back and for jitter. Could be cool to have a really random jitter.

-more extreme pitch values

-a random pitch for each grains

Please keep working on it! I like it.

Thanks again.

*Typo, please read:
''Right now we can ear the back and forth jitter.''

Sorry. Damn we need an edit button on these posts! ;)

Yes, thank you for suggestions, I will try to fix found bugs and install suggested improvments, but right now I'm working on another device. I'll come back to it right after.


The ability to edit comments is a disaster. Especially for archival and searching for future users.

Imagine this:

User1: "you suck I hate you".
User2: "you suck and i hope you go away"
User1 edits comment to "i love you"

Now, forever the thread makes no sense and makes user2 look like a bad person when it was user1 to blame.

Editing comments would create many problems in a place where there is no moderation. I'd rather have little moderation but no editing of comments.

Would be nice to have set values in the objects' inspectors such that controls had discrete names and descriptions in info-view. Would really help out with the usability.

wow! nice device!

it's super weird not easy to control but makes some unexpected results.

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