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This doesn't make any sound for me. I loaded up a sample and I see it but nothing happens. I tried to play it like an instrument, like granulator but no sound. I'm not sure what's going on.

I'm also really interested and would like to have a little more info about how to make sound with this.

I used this once and it was awesome. But when i opened up the session again the audio files were gone and when I tried to reload them I got no sound. Any ideas? I really want to make this work.

This is a great device, the only issue i had was that I couldn't use it on a track that already had automation on devices or track activators. When you use it on those tracks it turns off your automation. Can anyone think of a way around this? I ended up just not using the green switch on those tracks or deleting the automation.

This seems like a great plugin but it only works for me sometimes. I'll set it up and it works properly then i'll jump to a part in the track where the instrument isn't playing and it'll go off like it should. I'll jump back to where the instrument is playing and the input enable is off. The device only works again when I manually click the input enable to on. What error am I making here?