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Name | Version: Grids for Max for Live 1.6
Author: mots
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Grids ( is a topographic drum sequencer module from Mutable Instruments.

This device is a port of the Eurorack version to M4L. Most of the original manual ( ) applies, with exception to of course cv inputs, clock in, tap tempo and such thing which do not make sense in a DAW.

Make sure to automate the parameters with automation or with a max4live LFO, that is where the fun begins!

- Compatible and tested with m1 macs
- Compatible with Ableton Push (not in standlone mode tough). Push supported based on

License : released under GPL 3.0


Live Version Used: 11.3
Max Version Used: 8.2
Date Added: Sep 21 2014 04:23:08
Date Last Updated: Jan 09 2024 14:14:27
Downloads: 13710
License: None
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Device File: Grids.amxd


This looks awesome, but I think something is missing from the download.
updated the device. note this is a work in progress for the moment. euclidian mode is not extactly working as it should just yet. and there are some bugs here and there.

comments/help welcome !
Thanks for sharing!
This is great. THANK YOU.

There seem to be some sync issues but I'm hoping they can easily be resolved.
This is brilliant! I'm really looking forward to the update!
Thank you so much! Excellent.
Device doesn't save changed notes in 9.1.1. Could you fix it?
Thank you in advance!
Hi minikin !

this is fixed now. thanks for the report

Hi Mots,

Thanks a lot! Really love this device.
permanent home in my performance template. Wonderful!
Q: Did the original Grids transition to other meters, or remain in 4/4?
The Euclidean toggle is greatly appreciated btw.
Looking forward to checking this new code.

One thing that might be nice is if the main and accent toggles were visible to midi range. That way a single button could either go through a range of combinations or the same assignment could toggle the acc and mains entirely, effectively allowing an alternative kit or just an accented fill. I find that unless Im just beefing up the same hits and Ive found a really nice pocket for the sound, the accent button doubles up the mains even on the downbeat and gets a bit overplayed.

Still nothing short of brilliant
hi Brilliant, not sure what you mean, but i think what you mean, is changing midi note and on/off with on button press.
i suppose that does not belong in grids and should rather be done in another max4live device.
Plus you can always assign the button press in midi using the normal methods.

I have a little bugglet: When you use the skin DISCO you cannot see the note numbers as you are changing them. Other skins do not have the problem.
Hi Mots,
Looking forward to the update.
What I meant by the range, was in the MIDI assignment list in Ableton, due to my own M4L incompetence, I can't invert the range on the main acc buttons. If I could, one button could instead of adding a fill pad, could replace the mains with the fills entirely.

Unless, I'm intentionally doubling up a kick for example,
I find that having the fill on for the pattern at all times sounds pretty exhausting for most sounds. In part, I think this is because the fill is also adding to the down beats, and is being evaluated every single measure (so it accents a bit more than an occasional fill.)

I'd rather give myself two separate 3-piece kits entirely by toggling a button (all toms for example) and use the alternate set as a fill, not an accent.
I keep writing "fill". I mean your ACC
Braduro - you might feel less fatigue on the accent if you setup your drum rack to use choke groups:

I like that idea, herrprof. I've never tried to apply it on a drum rack.
Good to hear from you
Hi there,

patch doesn't seem to be working correctly in Live 9.2 with Max7 - just wondering if this is me or something to do with the update? Really interested in trying this out if possible - thanks!

The issue is I don't seem to be getting varying midi data when turning the dials to get different patterns or fills.

hi just tried. and it worked for me. i have live 9.2.2 and max7.

not sure what it could be

Always a pleasure to see this very worthy device getting a new wave of attention.
I'm curious: what is the resolution of patterns on the x/y grid? I tried a more critical listen and it seems like both axis go through just a few boundaries where the rhythm changes; maybe 4 to 6 each. Is that correct? So there really is a fairly finite (16 to 36 or so) resulting rhythms that cover any quadrant of the grid. Would that be the story?
i could check the code again, but if i am not wrong it continously morph between a few points on each axis. if recall correctly 4 or 5.

Thanks for the quick reply, will give it another go.
Oh man, now that I'm recounting it, there's well over a dozen stages that the point is either traveling along the x or y, not just 5 or 6. Couple that with changing the occurrences of kick/snare/HH along with the chaos knob, and there's a banquet of resulting rhythms...
I love this device! It works perfect on my Windows 8.1 laptop running live 9.5, however it is crashing live on my Windows 7 (Home Premium) laptop when running in "drums" mode, but not in "euclid" mode (obviously not very helpful for creating drum patterns). Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks again for this device.

my trial licence of visual studio expired. so i cannot re-build it. anymore :/ shame.

if someone wants to give it a shout, feel free ! the code is on github.
@braduro It's a 5x5 two dimensional array of static patterns (hard coded). The axis resolution is 8 bits, i.e. there are 256 steps along each axis. For each coordinate, the closest pattern from the 5x5 array is determined along with 3 neighboring patterns. These are then linearly interpolated to compute a pattern for the chosen coordinate.

Each step of a pattern is an 8 bit-value that encodes the "height" of the terrain at the coordinate in the map. The density parameter works like a sea level setting, i.e. it defines a threshold where the terrain becomes visible/audible. The height of the terrain is additionally modified dynamically by a random value.

I couldn't find any indication of how the array of static patterns was chosen or generated. That would have been very interesting, because the Mutable Instruments product page mentions "a healthy dose of machine learning and graph algorithms, megabytes of drum loops, hours of intensive computations".

@mots VS Community Edition is now free. I don't have time to try this, but another idea would be to use emscripten to port the code to javascript and get rid of the external.
Hey man, really good stuff. Your efforts are genuinely appreciated! Thanks for making such a great device available for free - you're a good soul :)
Thanks for this device. Very useful!
Mine doesn't seem to record MIDI though when I send the triggers to a different MIDI track, when I hit record on that track no notes are recorded, even though the sliders show MIDI coming through. So strange. Any ideas why?
Yeah, great work. Really works well, specially with the TRs
very nice module :-)

unfortunately doesnt work on apple silicon in native mode
(tested on ableton beta 11.1)
Hi, thanks for this incredible module, i use it a lot!

Unfortunately, it doesn't work since I upagrate from Os el capitan to High sierra :'(

Is anyone have any idea to fix this problem?

I tried to reinstall Ableton and max, bue it hasn't fixed the problem..

I can pu the module on a track but no midi note is sent from the module.

Thanks to read me, schuuss

i just tried on ventura with live 11 (the version released few days ago). it does generate midi fine.

maybe the issue is that you are on m1, i dont have a m1 mac, and never could compile the source for m1
Wonderful device. Added a version of this to the library with Push mapping. Hope you don't mind :)
Is there any way to make it record the patterns as midi clips?
yep just make a new track with the MIDI IN from the track that Grids is on if you haven't worked it out yet, DMNM4L.

Great device! thanks! Not sure if you're still maintaining it but the 'Chaos' parameter doesn't seem to do anything on Live 11.3.22, running on apple M1 pro. Still lots of fun without it though and everything else works fine!
Thanks, ianpv! This will have to do.

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