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Name | Version: Circular Doppler 1.0
Author: monolake
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Two virtual microphones rotate around a single sound source. Doppler delays, distance dependent amplitude modulation and filtering included. Movement of source and microphones synced to song position. This allows 100% reproducible effects.


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Mar 08 2010 06:56:24
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 46754
License: None
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Device File: ml.circular.doppler.amxd


5* Till now this is one of my favourites maxfolive devices,
Thanks for sharing!
SO useful and well done. I was actually thinking earlier today that I was going to have to write an eventide patch to do something similar ... and this does so much more! That being said, the only thing i'd add would be input level as another modulation source .... sidechained doppler panning ;) thanks again!
If this is half as cool as it sounds, you are amazing!
If this is half as cool as it sounds, you are amazing!
This is a fantastic device. I've tried several other doppler effects over the years but this is the easiest one I've found that will create that awesome tickle in the back. Thanks!
One of the most amazing device/vsts iv ever heard. +1 for your amazing :)
impressionant.. thx
Look awesome, thanks for the contribution!!
Just registered to say thanks!

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