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It appears to be jumping in whole steps & missing the half steps. Hmm...

Ok, actually it just jumps all over the place. It looks like back to the drawing board, unfortunately. Thanks for the effort though, it's going to be a really cool device and one that's needed. Keep up the great work, it's a cool idea. Thanks.

Hi there. Cool device, but it jumps octave a lot, pretty much every time. The note remote will say -12 or + 12, but it will play -24 or +24. Is this happening for you? Happens every time for me. Unless I hold down 2 notes, then it will transpose correct for a second, then next note it will jump an octave again.

It's not working for me, sorry. Looks like you've included an amazing level of control, so I'm kinda bummed. All it's doing is looping a part of the sample and there's no sound from Granulate, only get sound if mix is turned down. Strange.

How would I alter this for apc40 myself? Have to download and take a look at it.

apc40 support please please please