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Name | Version: Multimapper32CC 2.6
Author: mothergarage
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Another stop on the Multimapper train. Remixed and extended version of my MultimapperCC device.

Provides a tabbed UI with 32 encoders to send continous control messages to external devices.

V1.5: Added x/y pad to morph the first four presets. The old morphing dial is dismissed. UI fixes.

V1.5.3: Map button now toggles the mapping window.

V1.6: Added learn mode for the CC mappings.

V1.7: Added button to toggle the morphing pad. Bugfix: The init buttons are now working as expected.

V1.8: Added Numbox to load presets.

V1.8.1: GUI fixes.

V2.5: FINALLY UPDATED! Added curves for each dial, which you set in the "Curves" window. Clear, copy or paste them or clear them all. Added a "Master Dial" for each bank, which turns all eight dials at once. Added a reset button "!" to set the whole device back to its initial state. The button above each dial lets you set the current setting as an individual Inital value. So if you hit the DEL key on your keyboard the dial resets to this value. Added Mira support.

V2.6: The floating windows now open in the center of the screen.

Part of the x/y code from XY Send Nodes revised by cosmoddd.

Known issues: Push doesn't correctly display the renamed dials.


Live Version Used: 9.7.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.3
Date Added: Jun 14 2014 11:43:10
Date Last Updated: May 29 2017 03:00:29
Downloads: 2065
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Multimapper32CC V2.6.amxd


Man I can't figure out how to map stuff with this... When I click map I get a blank window with Paramter X Range In % etc. at the top but nothing else
I guess you meant to post this on the Multimapper32 page. Sorry, but I forgot to freeze the device (once again). I just uploaded the fixed version, please check it out.
Hello, Thanks for this device.

- do you plan to add a learn mode to your device? Just turn the knob of the hardware synth to assign CC at the device. it would save time and do not open the manual to find numbers !
- Do you plan to add the realtime update. (Like the MIDI assignment of Ableton) When you turn the knob of the synthé, your device also react and in the other direction also.
- The name of the knob of your device is not update in the list of automation curve ( in a clip )
- And it's not very important but for the parameter increase -64,+64 (like PAN), the knob of your device don't fit.

The x/y does not control any parameters, have tried with this and
@Rosko: Did you store different settings in the first four preset slots?
When I rename the knob A1 etc, the Push doesn't update and also the list of automation in the Ableton clip. The names are always A1 etc
What do you think about the learn mode and the bi-directionnal communication between Hardware and your device, like a VSTi & his controller ?
Sorry, I had not seen in your presentation that Push doesn't correctly display the renamed dials.
@Grom: Well, the learn mode is already implemented. Still struggling with the bi-directional thing though, can't promise anything.
Hi yes assigned those first four, & all the rest.
I'm not shure if there's a misunderstanding?! The XY pad morphs between the first four presets stored in the 8x8 dot box labeled "presets". It doesnt do anything to parameters unless they are stored with different dial positions.
Ableton gave this pretty silent but possibly important anouncement last week on their site (beta release notes which are public) :

"On Push 1, plugin parameter names would not update correctly anymore if these change dynamically e.g. when loading a new preset. In addition, Push 2 now also updates such plugin parameter names dynamically"

Im an not a programmer so im not exactly shure what impact this will have, but my logic says its a possibily to get the parameternames on the push2 display, is this a correct assumption?

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