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Name/Version: jmr.browser 1.0
Author: jamari  
Description: Ever wanted to use Max for Live as a Webbrowser? Cause now you can!

Based on Max's "jweb" object integrated into a m4l device with useful controls.

It is very straight forward and self-explanatory.
It is made in an audiodevice so you can put it on any kind of track in live. The audio doesn't get modified and gets direct through. Just put it on any track you like (for instance the master channel).

Wanna check your Facebook/Twitter Stream while working on a project in Live without using a browser like Firefox? With jmr.browser this is very easy!

You can even open up a floating window by clicking on "New Window" that will stay on top all the time. (as shown in the screenshot)

The shortcuts to some webpages can be easily modified with some basic m4l knowledge but if you're not that good in m4l you can also easily add your own bookmarks in the bookmarks-section.

I recommend using the mobile webpages with the device because they load quicker and are better to read with such little space. The shortcuts are all loading the mobile versions of the pages.

If you have some ideas how to improve the device feel free to contact me! Also if you used this in any of your works it would be nice to hear about that :-)

To-Do List:
1.) Make it possible to store webpages/bookmarks with sets, so you can have webpages as notes in your Live sets.
2.) Clean Up ;-)

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Downloads: 649
Tags effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.6
Date Added: Mar 27 2014 13:03:47
Date Last Updated: Mar 27 2014 15:06:42
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

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Device File: jmr.browser.amxd


That is awesome!

@snaper: Thx :-) Hope it might be handy for some people!

Sounds like a spork.

Ok, but why is it in the effect secretion again? Shouldn't be in experimental or utility?

''secretion'' lol! Damn auto corrector? ''SECTION'', of course? ;-)

Is there a way to record from a browser?
It will simplify the sampling from YouTube.

Holy feces!

Ableton did an Aprils Fools with a 'Facebook for Live', but this is real!!!

Holy feces!

Ableton did an Aprils Fools with a 'Facebook for Live', but this is real!!!

Brilliant device but as someone stated earlier: it would be very nice to get the sound from the browser routed to the track in live, to be able to use it as a sound source.

Could anyone help with how to solve that?

Really cool, but where would a file be placed if I were to download something while using this browser... (nothing goes to my PC downloads folder )??

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